Visa information

You surely do not want to have unpleasant experience of being denied entry into a country or paying a fine because of your failure to obtain visa. When planning your international travel, make sure that your passport is within its validity dates, and that you have all travel documents and visas required by law.

Please remember that it is your own responsibility to obtain all travel documents and comply with the laws, regulations, orders and travel conditions of countries you are travelling from, to or transiting through. More information about visas can be obtained at embassies and consulates of individual countries. If you are travelling to Montenegro, visa information can be found at the website of the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

The employees at our sales offices can provide you with information and assistance in connection with obtaining appropriate documents and visas if you wish. However, it is for your information only (you cannot rely solely on it), and we will not be held responsible for any consequences you could suffer as a result of incomplete documentation.

NOTE: Some countries require Advance Passenger Information (API), and Montenegro Airlines may require of you to provide this information. Information necessary: Gender, First name (as on passport), Last name (as on passport), Date of birth, Citizenship, Passport number, Date it was issued on, Date of its expiry, Country that issued it. This information is sent to border authorities 72 hours before departure, or at the time of booking if that is within 72 hours.

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