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Early Booking

Book your next vacation on time and take an advantage of an opportunity to buy the tickets at significantly lower prices compared to the regular offer.
Do not miss early booking discounts for tickets to Montenegro and European capitals, and thus save up.
We offer you the best rates including all the taxes for the summer flight schedule 2020.

Prices for return tickets with all taxes (including reservation tax) for travel initiated from Montenegro or abroad:

  • Podgorica/ Tivat - Belgrade: 119 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Ljubljana: 119 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Rome: 159 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Vienna: 195 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Lyon: 209 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Zurich: 219 EUR*
  • Tivat - Munich: 219 EUR*
  • Tivat - Leipzig: 219 EUR*
  • Tivat - Hanover: 219 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Frankfurt: 225 EUR*
  • Podgorica/ Tivat - Paris: 229 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Dusseldorf: 229 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Copenhagen: 239 EUR*
  • Tivat - London: 245 EUR*
  • Tivat - Moscow: 279 EUR*
  • Tivat - St. Petersburg: 294 EUR*

Period of sale: from 21th December 2019 to 29th February 2020 year

Period of travel: from 1st May 2020 to 30th September 2020 year

The longest stay for all destinations is 30 days, with the option of surcharge of 20 euro for longer stay. Reservation must be confirmed in both directions, and ticket must be purchased not later than 3 days from the date of making the reservation.

Tickets can be purchased:

  • via call center, by calling 19804, for international calls + 382 20 228 187,
  • in all Sales Offices of Montenegro Airlines, in the country or abroad
  • through company's website,
  • in all authorized agencies in the country or abroad.

*The amount of the tariff may vary depending on airport taxes and/or exchange rate differences. Depending on the availability of flights, prices can be higher. These tariffs apply to the flights where Montenegro Airlines is an operating carrier.

Do not miss the opportunity, the number of seats is limited.

Yours Montenegro Airlines!