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From Valentine's Day to 15 destinations

Did you know that Valentine's Day was celebrated in ancient Rome, and that tradition has continued centuries later. Someone's choice is greeting card, someone's a hug or a decent word, but the finest choice is going away on a trip. Montenegro Airlines, offers you the possibility to choose one of 15 destinations, starting from Valentine's Day.

Sales period: from 02/14/2020 to 02/29/2020

Travel period: from 02/14/2020 to 04/30/2020

Return fairs from € 99 to 189.

  • Ljubljana: € 99
  • Belgrade: € 109
  • Rome: € 129
  • Vienna: € 139
  • Zurich: € 149
  • Frankfurt, Munich, Lyon, Moscow, Dusseldorf: € 159
  • Hannover, Paris, Leipzig: € 169
  • London, Saint Petersburg: € 189

Tariff contitions:

  • Purchase via company web site
  • Ticket must be bought on the same day the reservation was made.
  • Length of stay maximum one month.
  • For flights were Montenegro Airlines is operating carrier.
  • Nubmer of seats are limited.

Have a safe trip and send us travel photos via MGX reporter section on our web site.

Yours, Montenegro Airlines!