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Special tariffs

Dear passengers, we continue with advantages for you.

Visit one of the European capitals at the best price:

  • Podgorica/ Tivat - Belgrade: EUR 106 *
  • Podgorica - Ljubljana: EUR 106*
  • Podgorica - Rome: EUR 154*
  • Podgorica - Vienna: EUR 159*
  • Podgorica - Zürich: EUR 169*
  • Podgorica - Frankfurt: EUR 169*
  • Podgorica - Paris: EUR 179*
  • Tivat - Moscow: EUR 194 *


  • The period of travel: up to and including 30 th April 2018.
  • The reservation must be made minimum 28 days before the start of the trip.
  • Tickets must be bought within 48 hours from the moment of reservation.
  • Tariffs include all taxes when purchasing tickets via our website.
  • Tariffs are valid for return trips, as well as travels started abroad.
  • Tariffs are applied for flights where Montenegro Airlines is operating carrier.
  • Traffs are valid for all trips realized within the deadline of one month before the start of the trip.
  • Prices may vary depending on sale place.
  • Depending on flight availability, the prices may be higher as well.
  • The amount of tariff may vary depending on change of the airport taxes and/or exchange rates differences.

Tickets may be purchased:

  • calling the number 19804 of the Call Center, for calls from abroad +382 20 228 187,
  • in all branch offices of Montenegro Airlines in the country and abroad,
  • via corporate website,
  • in all authorized agencies in the country and abroad

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