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Montenegro Airlines continues posting record results

April 05, 2019

Nearly 90 thousand passengers transported

Great commercial results were achieved by national carrier Montenegro Airlines in the first quarter of 2019, followed by continued increase in the number of passengers. In the first quarter of this year, the company carried total of 87.569 passengers in all three categories of traffic, i.e. regular, charter and code-share traffic. This is 3.737 passengers more compared to first three months of the last year when 83.832 passengers were transported,which is in line with business plan for 2019.

The number of flights operated was also increased in the first three months of 2019, compared to the previous year.The company operated 1.229 flights in the first quarter of 2019, which is 49 flights more compared to 2018. Despite the increase in the number of flights, cabin load factor retained at the same level that was achieved in the last year, therefore 61% on regular routes.Thereby, the highest average load factor was recorded on the flights from Podgorica to Belgrade and viceversa and it stood at 65%. This is the remarkable achievement given the fact that flights were operated during winter flight schedule.

Markedly increased number was recorded on the route Tivat-Belgrade and viceversa, where 1.418 more passengers were transported compared to the first quarter of the previous year. On flights to/from Rome the increase of 1.048 passengers was recorded, while on the flights to/from Ljubljana the number of passengers transported is higher in the amount of 1.068 compared to the same period in the year of 2018, which was record-breaking in the 25-year of Montenegro Airlines business.

Data mentioned are great indicators that the company successfully implemented demanding business plan for 2019. According to the announced booking the positive trend in business will continue in the ongoing period, and the expectations of the company are successful summer season and 660 thousand passengers handled yearly.

To remind, the best income statement in the last 10 years was achieved in 2018, according to the Management Report on the Business Operations. Operating income of the company for the year mentioned was 245 thousand euros higher than operating expenses, while the overall result, i.e, income statement was 2.5 times better compared to 2017, or close to 6 times better compared to the one in 2016.Montenegro Airlines handled 645.000 passengers last year in all three categories of the traffic, which represents absolute record in the 25-year history of the Company. This proves that the national carrier is indeed great generator of tourism and overall economy of Montenegro, given the fact that mentioned number is esentially 27% of the total traffic at Montenegrin airports, in the competition of fifty different airlines.

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