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Frequent Flyer - Rules and Conditions

  • Contract
    This contract shall define the rules and conditions of membership in the Frequent Flyer program (Vision Team) of Montenegro Airlines.
  • Definitions
    • Vision Team - Montenegro Airlines' program designed for loyal and regular clients of the company.
    • Member - Participant who applied for membership in the program and whose membership was approved by Montenegro Airlines.
    • Miles - Basic unit of measurement in the Vision Team program.
    • Vision Pass - User's account which registers the miles a user collects by using Company's services.
    • Awards - Privileges and services which Members may exchange for miles on their Vision Pass account.
    • Award ticket - Free ticket offered by Montenegro Airlines in exchange for a certain number of on Member's account.
    • Upgrade Award - Possibility for members to fly in Business class, at the price of economy class ticket, in exchange for a certain number of miles on their account.
    • Membership Card - General name for all kinds of cards which may be granted to the member, on the basis of which the member participates in Vision Team Program.
  • 1. Membership

    1.1. Any natural person two years of age or older, whose place of residence is in the country in which the program is offered, may become a member of Montenegro Airlines' Vision Team Program. Application forms for persons under the age of 18 must be signed by a parent (or legal guardian). It is permitted to have only one membership per person, and each person must complete the form individually. Membership is not opened to legal entities (corporations, companies, partnerships, etc.) or to groups of individuals (for example families).

    1.2. By submitting their applications for the program, Members accept the terms and conditions of the contract, including all future changes of the contract (regarding terms and conditions of the program).

    1.3. Membership commences upon completion of the application form and acceptance by Montenegro Airlines, which is acknowledged by the opening of a personal account, in the applicant’s name, in the Vision Team program. A Member can hold only one personal account. As proof that an account has been opened, the passenger shall receive a membership-identification number, on the basis of which he/she may collect Miles, which will be credited to his/her account. By completing the form, a Member obtains a temporary Vision Team membership card. When the Member collects 20,000 Miles, Montenegro Airlines shall print and deliver a plastic membership card to the passenger at the nearest Montenegro Airlines sales agency.

    1.4. There is no legal right to membership in the Vision Team program of Montenegro Airlines. Montenegro Airlines reserves the right to reject membership applications without stating reasons.

    1.5. Each Member of the Vision Team program receives a unique PIN code or password which should be concealed from others by the Member. The PIN code or password is used to identify a Member when checking the balance on his/her Vision Team account. The Member must protect his/her PIN code or password against misuse and ensure that it is not disclosed to third parties. In case a card has been lost, a Member can exercise his/her right to awards by using the PIN code or password. If there is any suspicion of misuse of the PIN code or password, the Member must notify Montenegro Airlines. Montenegro Airlines shall not be held liable for any damage arising from the use of the Vision Team program during possible misuse, unless the loss or theft of the card has been previously reported to the relevant Vision Team service.

    1.6. Personal data about a Member, stored in the Montenegro Airlines computer system, are considered confidential and shall not be forwarded to third parties, except for promotional purposes to partners of Montenegro Airlines, and only upon previously obtained consent from the Member in writing. Members must notify Montenegro Airlines about every change of his/her address or contact details or enter such changes via their private account on the website.

  • 2. Membership Cards

    2.1. Each new Member shall receive a temporary card when completing the application form for membership in the Vision Team program. Montenegro Airlines shall issue a plastic (permanent) card to a Member after the Member has collected a certain number of Miles. A Vision Team representative shall inform the passenger about the issued plastic card and deliver the card to the passenger to the nearest Montenegro Airlines sales agency. A Vision Team Member using a temporary card may contact the relevant Montenegro Airlines service and ask for his/her permanent card, if he/she believes that he/she has fulfilled the required conditions but has not been previously contacted by Montenegro Airlines. The temporary paper card, which is part of the application form, may be used freely, in the same way as the plastic one, until it is replaced. Each card may be used until its expiry date, which is printed on the card.

    2.2. Only the Member whose name is printed on the card may use it, or state the number on the card when making a reservation.

    2.3. A Member who collects a certain number of Miles or takes a certain number of flights shall obtain the right to apply for Silver or Gold status. This status is granted for a period of one year and may be renewed according to the published rules. Members receiving a Silver or Gold Vision Team card will not be issued a regular Vision Team card. This status provides special privileges.

    2.4. The Vision Team card is the property of Montenegro Airlines and must be returned to it upon request.

  • 3. Miles

    3.1. The unit of measurement in the Vision Team program is a mile as defined by Montenegro Airlines. Miles are credited to the personal account of each Member of Vision Team. Miles can be used only in the manner defined in the program rules. Miles and accounts of Members are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • 4. Collecting Miles

    4.1. Members may collect Miles by buying a ticket on scheduled Montenegro Airlines flights and taking the flight on that ticket. Tickets issued with discounts, free of charge, or tickets for charter flights are not eligible for collecting Miles. Also, some tariffs or tickets may be excluded from the Vision Team program. Such exclusions will be posted on the company's website.

    4.2. Miles are collected from the date an individual becomes a Member. It is not allowed to retroactively credit Miles accrued before the date of membership.

    4.3. The passenger must quote his/her name and card number, exactly as printed on the membership card, when booking a flight in order to earn Miles.

    4.4. Miles earned for travel on a fully paid, published tariff, taken by a Member, may be credited to a Member's Vision Pass account.

    4.5. Retroactive crediting of miles is allowed for travel period up to six months after the date of application submission.

    4.6. Every Member is responsible for checking whether the Miles he/she has collected are properly credited to his/her Vision Pass account. If there are any irregularities, the Member will report them in writing, with proof of travel, in order to remedy the irregularities. Proof of travel includes boarding passes, receipt itineraries and/or other proof as required by Montenegro Airlines. Information about an account is available only to the Member (holder) of the account.

    4.7. A Member may claim Miles for a flight - which have not been credited to his/her account, despite having made the flight - by completing a form to register the missing Miles. Every Member may obtain such forms at Montenegro Airlines sales agencies or on our website. The form must contain properly entered data about the flight taken for which the Member believes the Miles were not registered. Additionally, it is necessary to submit relevant documents, as required by Montenegro Airlines. In this way, the Member will have Miles credited to his/her Vision Pass account.

    4.8. The maximum period for storing earned Miles is 18 months. After this period, the Miles are deleted from the account.

    4.9. Montenegro Airlines reserves the right to set additional means of collecting Miles, cancel or restrict the already existing means, or to revoke the possibility to earn Miles on certain types of tariffs or fares.

  • 5. Using miles - Award

    5.1. Miles in Vision Pass accounts are exchanged for certain awards. Montenegro Airlines defines conditions and procedures for using the awards. The conditions set by Montenegro Airlines determine the number of Miles required to redeem the award. These conditions may change in certain periods and for different destinations. The benefits, i.e. services or privileges provided by Montenegro Airlines, may be restricted by capacity limitations or periods of restrictions.

    5.2. The tickets for travel on Montenegro Airlines flights issued as awards are subject to tariff rules, ticket contract and terms and conditions of carriage of the carrier. Award Tickets may be issued only for flights when Montenegro Airlines is the ticket issuer and flight operator. The award flight ticket will be valid only for the stated destination, at the time it was issued, as stated on the ticket. The carrier shall not be held responsible for the changes in flight schedule - flight cancellation or delay.

    5.3. Open ticket
    Open tickets cannot be issued as Award Tickets

    5.4. Validity of Award Ticket
    An Award Ticket is valid three (3) months from the date of its issuance. Once it is issued, the ticket validity cannot be extended in any case (not even for medical reasons), nor can the ticket be transferred to another person.

    5.5. Lost or stolen Award Ticket
    A lost or stolen Award Ticket cannot be reissued, nor can the Miles for which the award was redeemed be returned to a Member's Vision Pass account.

    5.6. Booking the Award Ticket
    Award Tickets may be booked up to one year in advance and at the latest two working days before the flight. Bookings for Award Tickets are made via the company's central booking service, representative offices and sales agencies of Montenegro Airlines or via the Montenegro Airlines website. Travel agencies cannot book or issue Award Tickets. The number of the Membership card must also be quoted, with flight information. When booking an Award Ticket for another person it is necessary to quote the name of the award user.
    Booking of Award Tickets are subject to availability and cannot be waitlisted. Montenegro Airlines reserves the right to limit the number of seats for award users on certain flights. In the period of high season, Montenegro Airlines reserves the right to completely exclude the seats for award users on certain flights.

    5.7. Collecting the Award Ticket
    The passenger will pay all fees and charges, such as airport fees, taxes, charges or other costs, regarding the use of an Award Ticket. If the Member does not collect his/her ticket at the agreed time, or fails to inform Montenegro Airlines in a timely manner, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
    The Award Ticket may be collected only in the representative office or sales agency agreed to with the passenger and only the person entitled to the award (or the person he/she has authorized) or the passenger (if it is assigned) may collect it.
    The Member must identify him/herself using his/her Vision Team card, and, if necessary, other identification documents.

    5.8. Changes of Award Tickets and cancellation of Award Ticket bookings
    A change of reservation before an Award Ticket is issued shall be free of charge. In case the ticket is already issued and the passenger wishes to change the date (it is not possible to change the destination and routing) the passenger will pay a service charge according to the rules defining Y - tariff (YM tariff).
    If the Member wishes to cancel the Award Ticket, after the ticket has been issued, it is possible to cancel it at least 24 hours prior to departure, and in that case 50% of used Miles may be re-credited to the account. In such cases, the passenger will be refunded for the airport taxes paid.
    In case the passenger does not check-in for a flight on an Award Ticket, the ticket will be invalid and may not be exchanged for Miles or cash, nor can the booking be changed after the departure of the first flight.

    Refund Approval
    After the Award Ticket has been issued, changes are permitted as defined in the terms and conditions of carriage of Montenegro Airlines.

    5.9. Members are allowed to upgrade their tickets from one class to another in exchange for a certain number of Miles from the Member's Vision Pass account. After the Member claims the upgrade, Miles will be taken off his/her account and cannot be re-credited. It is possible to refund such tickets, if it is in accordance with the tariff rules and the terms and conditions of carriage of Montenegro Airlines.
    For free tickets, including Award Tickets, tickets issued according to tariffs with AD and ID discount and other discounted tickets, it is not possible to grant upgrades.
    Holders of Silver cards are entitled to three upgrades, and holders of Gold cards are entitled to five upgrades, without taking off Miles from their accounts for a one year period on any Montenegro Airlines flight.
    Members may claim an upgrade, at the latest, two working days prior to departure. All upgrade requests will be made through the central booking service, representative offices and sales agencies of Montenegro Airlines. Upgrades are subject to available unoccupied seats in business class.
    Only the owner of Miles, or the person he/she has authorized, may claim the upgrade. The number of the Vision Team card must also be quoted, with flight information.
    For code share flights of Montenegro Airlines, it is possible to upgrade a ticket if the carrier is Montenegro Airlines (YM).

  • 6. Purchasing Miles

    6.1. If the Member does not have the necessary number of Miles for an Award Ticket, it is possible to purchase a certain number of missing Miles. It is not possible to purchase Miles in order to acquire the right to upgrade from economy to business class.

    6.2. The price of one mile is defined by the promotional program in certain periods, and refers to local and international flights, and the maximum number of Miles for purchase is also defined within promotional offers.

    6.3. The purchase of Miles should be requested when booking the Award Ticket and Miles can be paid when picking up the ticket.

    6.4. Every Vision Team Member who has registered Miles on his/her account is entitled to purchase Miles.

    6.5. It is possible to request to purchase Miles at the moment of picking up the ticket for which the Miles are missing, if it was not possible to purchase them earlier.

    6.6. Refunding an Award Ticket issued on an account of purchased Miles is not possible. A change of flight date is possible, even if the ticket has already been issued, upon the payment of a service charge.

  • 7. Transfer of Rights

    7.1. Any rights and privileges acquired by collecting Miles may not be transferred to another person, except in the manner defined in membership rules and conditions.

    7.2. A Member may transfer the right to an Award Ticket to another person at his/her discretion by written statement. It is necessary to make a booking on the passenger's name and state the number of the membership card of the Miles owner. It is not permitted to combine Miles on accounts of two or more Members in order to redeem an Award Ticket.

    7.3. It is not permitted to transfer the rights to upgrade privileges to another person.

  • 8. Termination of Membership

    8.1. Any misuse of Membership in the Vision Team program and violation of the rules set in this contract shall result in termination of membership, and all acquired membership rights shall be null and void.

    8.2. Membership shall be canceled if the Member does not use his/her ticket or accrued Miles on his/her Vision Pass account within the 18 month period after acquiring membership.

    8.3. Membership shall be cancelled in the case of the death of a Member. In such events the Vision Team card will be cancelled, as will the accrued Miles on the Vision Pass account.

  • 9. Misuse of Membership

    9.1. In case of any attempt to misuse membership, Montenegro Airlines reserves the right to immediately terminate the contract with the Member and in that way cancel the existing disputed account and Miles accrued on such accounts.

    9.2. The following events are considered as misuse of membership:

    • If a Member, at the time of booking, knowingly supplies incorrect information, which does not correspond to the information printed on the Member's card.
    • If a Member reports that he/she traveled on certain flight with the intention of earning Miles, and Montenegro Airlines discovers the Member was not on that flight.
    • If a Member attempts to deliberately make changes on a used travel coupon in order to earn a certain number of Miles.
    • If a Member attempts to earn Miles on the basis of a flight taken by another person.
    • If a Member purchases Miles and intends to sell them, or make them available to other persons in any other way.

    9.3. The sale of Miles on Vision Pass accounts, or the sale of acquired privileges, is strictly forbidden. However, in case the Vision Team Member misuses his/her right, membership shall be automatically revoked and all membership rights will be cancelled.

  • 10. Changes or Cancellation of FF program

    10.1. The award structure is subject to frequent changes, interruptions or limitations imposed by Montenegro Airlines, with or without notice. The number of Miles needed to acquire the privileges may increase sharply. Any kind of award may be cancelled. It is possible to impose restrictions or invalidations in certain periods. It is also possible to set a limited number of seats on flights which may be issued as Award Tickets.

    10.2. FF Program has no determined date of termination and will continue to exist until a final decision by Montenegro Airlines to cancel the program. All accrued Miles and unused privileges will be automatically cancelled and become invalid.

  • 11. Miscellaneous

    11.1. Montenegro Airlines' website, periodical publications and brochures will contain the basic revisions of the FF program, general terms of the contract, as well as conditions for acquiring the right to privileges.

    11.2. Montenegro Airlines reserves the right to check the Vision Pass account of any Member in order to establish whether it is in accordance with this contract and the rules on awards.
    If any irregularities or signs of misuse are discovered, award granting may be delayed until a final explanation of the irregularities has been accepted.

    11.3. Miles and privileges have no value in money and cannot be replaced for cash, other services or goods (except as quoted in the offer for using privileges).

  • 12. Final provisions

    12.1. Members are personally responsible for informing all third persons or companies (for example their employers), who pay for their tickets or other services for which Miles were accrued on the Member's account, about the awards of the Vision Team program.

    12.2. If a Member breaches the rules and conditions of the Vision Team program, or directly or indirectly causes damage to Montenegro Airlines, or misuses any award arising from membership in the program, Montenegro Airlines may cancel membership, with the right to compensation, and cancel all Miles on the account and all awards issued according to the Miles. Awards obtained illegally or through violation of the general rules of the FF program and other rules of Montenegro Airlines cannot be used.

    12.3. The Parties shall try to settle all possible irregularities arising from the violation of the FF program rules in good faith. In case of a dispute, the Parties shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court in Podgorica.