"Montenegro Airlines" a.d. announces the following


for procurement of supplies for aircraft servicing

Coffee set with logo (package – napkin, sugar, teaspoon) 600,000
Sugar – mini package of 5g, with logo and bilingual wording: šećer/sugar 400,000
Hygiene air sickness bags, impermeable 320,000
Clear plastic cups 2 dl, with side logo, for juice, water and coffee 1,500,000
Cutlery 11/1 with bilingual logo (moist wipes, sugar, salt, pepper, toothpick, all with logo, fork, spoon, knife, paper napkin, teaspoon) 30,000
Plastic lid for food container, 91x91mm 40,000
Plastic lid for food container, 91x171mm 40,000
Plastic lid for food container, 121x171 mm 15,000
Plastic food container, 91x91 20,000
Plastic food container, 91x171 20,000
Plastic food container, 121x171 5,000
Lunch box (tray, lid with logo, food container, cup and cutlery) 80,000
Coffee cup, disposable 10,000
Service supplies seal, including serial number, metal-plastic 80,000
Alu-casserole with lid, for food preserving and heating 30,000
Refreshing towels (moist), with logo, and bilingual wording: osvježavajuća maramica/refreshing towel 50,000
Cardboard sandwich box with logo (24x38x10) 5,000
Sandwich bags with logo 90x (2x35)x200 150,000


  • Closing date for submitting bids: eight (8) days from the date of the announcement
  • Montenegro Airlines, Beogradska 10, Podgorica (with the following wording: "Za konkurs - ne otvarati / Bid - do not open")
  • Evaluation criteria: as defined by the Rulebook
  • For all additional information please contact: +382 20 445 121

From Departure
Adults (25-59) Youth (12-24)
Children (2-11) Infants (0-1)
Seniors (60+)