"Montenegro Airlines" A.D. Podgorica, Beogradska No 10, announces

for the submission of bids for procurement – purchase of goods for aircraft supply


Procurement subject

The procurement subject includes goods for aircraft supply according to the following groups of products:


noGroups of products
1. Plastic products
2. Paper products
3. Textile products
4. Other products for aircraft supply  - Atlas boxes

The detailed list of products is specified according to groups (in the specific format attached hereto), types of products, description, units of quantity, required quantities, terms and conditions of the agreement to be signed with the bidder, and evidence required from the bidders. Interested bidders may download the details here in pdf format:

  1. group: Plastic products Data/Images/pdfikonica1.png
  2. group: Paper products Data/Images/pdfikonica1.png
  3. group: Textile products Data/Images/pdfikonica1.png
  4. group: Other products for aircraft supply  - Atlas boxes Data/Images/pdfikonica1.png

and are asked to get acquainted before the submission of bids.

The bidders shall submit their bids according to the groups of products, in the above-mentioned format. The bidders shall submit their bid for at least one group of products including all requested articles. The bid must be signed by the person authorised by the Bidder.

Contact person for delivery of samples, forms and other additional information is:

Goran Mugosa

every working day from 08:00 a.m. until 04:00 p.m. until the expiry of this announcement.

The agreement on delivery/purchase of goods shall be made with the Bidder whose bid is evaluated as the most favourable according to the group of products for the period of supply of 12 months.

The evaluation commission retains the right to require samples of goods from the Bidder for certain types of products before concluding the agreement.

The quantity of goods stated in the announcement is approximate and "Montenegro Airlines" is not obliged to purchase them in full amounts.

The Bidders are obliged to submit the offer which shall include:

  • Price expressed in Euros, including VAT per unit
  • Payment deadline

The bidders shall submit:

  • Certificate from the Registry of business organizations which proves that the Bidder is registered to conduct its business activity;
  • Evidence that within the two-year period before the announcement, the Bidder has not been convicted of any criminal act and that he/she is not under measures restricting their performance of business related to any criminal acts;
  • Evidence that 3 months before the announcement, the Bidder’s account was not blocked;
  • Evidence that the act of insolvency or liquidation against the Bidder has not been initiated.

The evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Quoted price - 90 points
  • Payment deadline - 10 points

Other conditions:

  • The goods shall be delivered successively in accordance with the needs and orders of Montenegro Airlines.
  • Montenegro Airlines is entitled to refuse the receipt or return the goods to the Bidder without any additional charges for all delivered products with expired 2/3 of their shelf-life.
  • Quantity and quality control of every delivery/ take over between the Bidder and Montenegro Airlines shall be performed.
  • f it is established that the quality and quantity of the delivered goods does not correspond to the one ordered, the Bidder must either return the good or supply additional quantities. Otherwise, the Bidder is obliged to indemnify the damage.
  • The winning Bidder shall deliver goods to FCO Podgorica - Airport Golubovci within 7 days from the date of order.
  • The Bidders shall submit certificates confirming that the products are safe for use.

Submission of bids:

The bids are submitted in closed and sealed envelopes marked with "Ponuda robe za opremanje vazduhoplova – ne otvarati" ("The bids for aircraft equipment – do not open"), addressed to:

"Montenegro Airlines" A.D., Podgorica, St. Beogradska No. 10

On the back of the envelope the Bidder shall specify his name, address and contact phone.

Bids not submitted as specified above shall not be taken into consideration by the Commission, as well as the bids which are submitted in damaged or unsealed envelopes.

Deadline for the submission of bids:

The bids may be delivered at the Records Office at the above stated address in person or by mail.

The bids shall be submitted within 10 (ten) days from the day of the announcement publication in daily papers and website: www.montenegroairlines.com.

The deadline for the submission of bids starts as of the first day after publishing the announcement.

The bids may be submitted at the Records Office at the above stated address in person, every working day until 04:00 p.m.

If the last day of the specified deadline is not a working day, the deadline shifts to the first working day until 04:00 p.m. for the bids which are submitted at the Records Office in person.

The bids which are submitted by mail shall be deemed timely submitted if they reach the specified address five days from the last day of the specified submittal deadline.

The Principal shall return all untimely submitted bids unopened to the Bidders after at the completion of the evaluation procedure, marked as untimely submitted.

Opening and evaluation of the bids:

Opening, evaluation and ranking of the submitted bids shall be performed by the Principal’s Commission in accordance with the criteria and number of points set for each criteria, as defined by this announcement.

Montenegro Airlines A.D.


  • Montenegro Airlines is entitled, to withdraw from the announced procurement before making the decision on the winning bid, without notifying the Bidders.
  • In case there is only one Bidder, Montenegro Airlines has the right to begin negotiations, and in case they fail to reach an agreement Montenegro Airlines has the right to withdraw from the published announcement.

In the events described above, the Bidder shall have no right to require any compensation of damage from Montenegro Airlines (actual damage or lost profit) including expenses of preparing and submitting bids.

From Departure
Adults (25-59) Youth (12-24)
Children (2-11) Infants (0-1)
Seniors (60+)