Pursuant to the Decision of the Board of Directors of Montenegro Airlines A.D. Podgorica no. 7338 of 24 October 2014 we hereby announce the following

for the sale of two aircraft type Fokker F-100

Montenegro Airlines A.D. Podgorica (Seller) hereby announces the Bid Invitation for the sale of the following aircraft owned by the Seller:

  1. Fokker F100 - serial no. 11272; registration mark 4O-AOK (status data, 09/06/2014)
    Initial Price (Minimum acceptable bid) - EUR 501,086.25
  2. Fokker F100 - Serial no. 11268; registration mark 4O-AOL (status data, 09/06/2014)
    Initial Price (Minimum acceptable bid) – EUR 659,846.25

Interested bidders may download information and business data about the Seller, as well as the aircraft technical specification (attached to this Bid Invitation), here:



  1. Participation is open to all domestic and foreign legal entities who:
    • submit their bid in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Bid Invitation
    • pay the bid deposit in the amount of 1% of the initial price of the aircraft to be sold/purchased.
  2. The aircraft are sold "as is where is", without any warranties or rights to subsequent complaints or any other subsequent claims.
  3. The aircraft are sold separately.
  4. The aircraft are free of any liens and other encumbrances.
  5. Interested Bidders may perform the inspection of the quoted aircraft and complete available aircraft documentation, and shall be required to notify the Seller in writing (on bidder's official letterhead) about their intention to inspect the aircraft and the persons authorised to perform the inspection (not more than 4).
    Persons authorised by the Bidder shall submit their authorisations to the Seller's authorised representative before the commencement of the inspection.
  6. The Bidders shall submit the request for scheduling the inspection, agreeing the time of inspection, taking-over the aircraft documentation in electronic form or hard copy, to the Seller's authorised representative Mr Aleksandar Drakic by e-mail aleksandar.drakic@mgx.me or phone no. +382 20 415 410 every working day between 08:00-16:00, until the expiry of the Bid Invitation.
  7. Interested Bidder, or persons authorised by the bidder to perform inspection referred to in item 5, shall sign the Confidentiality Statement.
  8. During the inspection of the aircraft the Bidder's authorised persons shall observe the Seller's safety and security regulations.
  9. The Bidder, its authorised persons and any other person present in the Seller's premises in connection with the sale of the subject aircraft shall indemnify and shall not hold the Seller, its directors, officers and employees responsible for any loss, damage, bodily injury to and death of any person or damage to any property arising from the presence of such persons in the Seller's premises.
  10. The delivery location of the aircraft: Airport Podgorica - Golubovci, Podgorica, Montenegro.
  11. The aircraft subject of the sale shall be available for inspection in Podgorica, at the Airport Podgorica – Golubovci, Montenegro in the period from 03 November 2014 until 17 December 2014 (45 days) in accordance with previously scheduled inspection referred to in item 6 of the Terms and Conditions.
  12. Deadline for submission of bids is 18 December 2014 until 12:00 local time.
  13. Bids received later than the deadline referred to in item 12 of this Bid Invitation, as well as incomplete bids shall not been taken into consideration.
    Upon the completion of the Bid Opening procedure, the Seller shall return to Bidders all untimely received bids, as well as incomplete bids, stating that such bids were submitted untimely or incomplete.
  14. Bid Opening shall take place on 18 December 2014 at 14:00 local time in the premises of Montenegro Airlines AD Podgorica, at the address Beogradska no. 10.
    Bidders are hereby invited to attend the Bid Opening as they will not be otherwise informed thereof.
  15. The criterion for the selection of the most favourable bid is the highest quoted price which shall not be less than initial price set forth in this Bid Invitation.
    If during the Bid Opening it would be determined that two or more bids offer the equal price, direct negotiations with Bidders will take place and the Bidder offering the higher price will be selected as the Bidder whose bid has been selected as the most favourable bid.
  16. The Seller shall make the Decision on selection of the most favourable bid within 7 days from the date of Bid Opening and such Decision shall be delivered to all Bidders within 5 days from the date of making the decision.
  17. The Bidder whose bid is selected as the most favourable one shall be declared as the Buyer, and the paid deposit will be included in the purchase price, whereas the paid deposits of the Bidders whose bids were not selected will be returned within 7 days from the date of making the decision on selection of the most favourable bid.
  18. Within 30 days from the date of receipt of the Decision on the selection of the winning bid, the Bidder who submitted the most favourable bid is obliged to conclude the Aircraft Purchase Agreement, defining all details related to the transfer of title, aircraft delivery, covering the insurance costs for the aircraft ferry flight, etc.
  19. The purchase price shall be paid within the period defined in the Aircraft Purchase Agreement.
  20. If the Bidder who submitted the most favourable bid withdraws from concluding the Aircraft Purchase Agreement or fails to pay the purchase price within the period defined by the Aircraft Purchase Agreement, such Bidder shall be no longer entitled to the deposit return.
    In the above-mentioned case, the Seller may conclude the Aircraft Purchase Agreement with the next most favourable Bidder.
  21. The Buyer is obliged to take over the Aircraft on the delivery date defined in the Aircraft Purchase Agreement. When taking over the Aircraft, the Buyer is obliged to sign the Acceptance Certificate.
  22. The Buyer shall bear all expenses related to aircraft de-registration, transfer of title and taxes.



  1. The payment of the deposit in EUR shall be made as follows:
    • for domestic legal entities at Seller's gyro account number 520-9075-10 held at Hipotekarna Banka AD Podgorica;
    • for foreign legal entities according to the payment instructions set out in the Appendix to the Bid Invitation.
    with reference to the number (enter the serial number of the quoted aircraft).
  2. Bidders must submit their bids for each aircraft separately in the sealed envelope marked "Ponuda za vazduhoplov _______________" (in English: "Bid for aircraft ___________"), (enter the registration mark of the aircraft).
    If the Bidder submits bids for two aircraft, the Bidder must submit separate bids for each aircraft in separate envelopes as stated above.
    The envelopes with bids and evidences referred to in item 3 of the Instructions to Bidders shall be submitted in the sealed envelope in the manner defined in item 6 of the Instructions to Bidders.
  3. The Bidders must submit with the bid the following:
    • Name and registered seat of the legal entity;
    • Registration number of the legal entity;
    • Certificate issued by the legal entities' Registry;
    • First and last name of the person authorised to act on behalf the legal entity;
    • Number of bank account and name of the bank (for the purposes of deposit refund);
    • Evidence on paid deposit;
    • Authorisation for authorized representative to attend the Bid Opening.
  4. The bid must include bid price in EUR for each aircraft separately in the manner defined in this Bid Invitation.
  5. The bid must be signed by the Bidder's authorised representative, stating the date of bid preparation and registered address of the Bidder.
  6. The bid must be submitted in the sealed envelope marked "Ponuda za vazduhoplov Fokker / Ne otvaraj" (in English: "Bid for Fokker – F100 aircraft type / Do not open"), at the address:
    Montenegro Airlines a.d, Podgorica, ul. Beogradska br. 10, Montenegro
    in person (or by authorized representative) at Montenegro Airlines' records office or by mail exclusively by DHL.
    The exact name and the address of the Bidder must be stated on the envelope in which the bid is submitted.
  7. The bids may be delivered by hand at the records office at the above stated address every working day between 08:00 to 16:00 until the expiry of this Bid Invitation.
  8. In case of delivery by hand at the records office of Montenegro Airlines AD Podgorica, the Bidder will be issued a receipt stating the date and time of the bid submission.
    In case of receipt by mail, the Seller shall record the date and time of the bid submission on the received bid.



Montenegro Airlines is entitled until the Decision on selection of the most favourable bidder has been made to withdraw from the sale without notifying the Bidders of the reasons.

In such case, the paid deposit will be returned to the Bidders, but Bidders shall have no right to claim any damages (actual damage and lost profit), including the expenses of preparing and submitting the bid, from Montenegro Airlines A.D.

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