Electronic tickets replace old fashioned paper tickets. Electronic ticketing has been standardized by IATA. Electronic tickets are stored in the issuing company's database. An electronic ticket contains the complete contract of carriage which defines the rights, duties and liabilities of parties to the contract.

A passenger's boarding pass is evidence that the contract of carriage was executed.




This document contains the most important information related to your travel with Montenegro Airlines (departure and arrival information, payment confirmation and other mandatory legal information). It is the primary part of an electronic ticket and contains the contract of carriage between the passenger and the company. In case it is sent by fax or e-mail, only one receipt, containing information about travel and payments, will be issued. An itinerary receipt must be delivered to the passenger. It may be issued for one or several passengers.


From Departure
Adults (25-59) Youth (12-24)
Children (2-11) Infants (0-1)
Seniors (60+)