Montenegro Airlines was founded on 24th October 1994. The company is licensed to operate scheduled domestic and international passenger transport and charter operations, as well as for carriage of cargo and mail.

Over the years, as the company, its fleet and the number of employees has grown, Montenegro Airlines has developed into a modern institution, operating in accordance with modern global standards. This assertion is backed up by our satisfied loyal passengers and numerous certificates and awards of merit.



  • Company Foundation

    Montenegrin national airline was founded in October 24, 1994.

    The very idea about the foundation of Montenegrin airline existed long before it was founded, but at the beginning of the 90's this idea was elaborated in detail in the Agency of Montenegro For Economic Restructuring And Foreign Investments, when it was established that the traffic connection of Montenegro with the rest of the world does not fulfill the needs of contemporary tourism, neither to did it fulfill the needs of businessmen.

    When the Government accepted the idea about the foundation of the Company after the year 1993, many administrative preparations were started. The Act of Foundation was signed in September 1994 and Dr. Zoran Đurišić was appointed as the first Director Montenegro Airlines in 1994.

  • First Airplane

    A Fokker 28Mk 4000 was acquired in the autumn of 1996.

    The years in which the airline was founded were very difficult for the entire Western Balkans region, so it was not possible to acquire the company's first airplane sooner.

  • First Flight

    The first flight of an aircraft bearing the company's logo was completed on 7th May 1997. On that day, at exactly 10:30, the company's airplane, known as Lovćen, landed in Bari, Italy. The company chose to send its first ever flight to Italy to emphasize the historical and business connections between the two countries.

    The duration of our first international flight was 50 minutes. The Montenegrins were greeted in Bari by numerous reporters, political figures and business people. The Mayor of Bari, Mr. Simeone di Cagno Abrescia, was on hand, as was the Prime Minister of the Provincial Government of Puglia, Mr. Salvatore Di Stazo. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia's Ambassador in Rome, Mr. Miodrag Lekic, addressed guests at a press cocktail at the Hotel Palas.

  • Second Airplane

    In the first year of operations, the airline transported 16,000 passengers. In its second year Montenegro Airlines transported 70,000 passengers. The company's growth necessitated the acquisition of another Fokker 28Mk 4000, which was purchased in July 1998. The purchase of the second craft allowed the company to eye new markets and plan their conquest.

  • New Destinations

    In late 1999, after turbulent years for Montenegro and the entire Western Balkans, we launched a very important route to Frankfurt. To this day, Frankfurt remains one of our most important destinations. The close of the 20th century was also marked by flights to Zurich, Ljubljana, Skopje, Istanbul and Budapest.

  • IATA Membership

    In April 2000, Montenegro Airlines became a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA membership was a precondition for obtaining a license for scheduled air operations, joining the Amadeus global reservation system and the establishment of close cooperation with other carriers.

    After operating for three years as a charter company, Montenegro Airlines was ready to become a member of IATA. After thoroughly investigating the company's technical, flight, safety and operational procedures, IATA experts concluded that we fulfilled all conditions for membership in the organization and Montenegro Airlines took its place alongside numerous other world class airlines. IATA membership, however, was only the first of many success stories that would follow for the company.

  • Acquisition of Fokker 100

    In 2000 the renewal of our fleet began. With the acquisition of new Fokker 100s, Montenegro Airlines grew into a modern airline. By the end of 2003 we had four Fokker 100s in our fleet. The aircraft were manufactured with the highest level of global aviation technology. Fokker 100s are equipped with the most modern navigation devices, which enable automatic landing, even in zero visibility conditions. The planes are also equipped with a great number of failsafe systems, so our passengers can rest assured that they are safe.

  • Amadeus System User

    On 5th March 2003, Montenegro Airlines became an Amadeus System user.

    Amadeus is the leading global reservation system, used by 130 other international airlines. Through Amadeus, our flight timetable and tickets became available to passengers all over the world. Tickets for Montenegro Airlines' partner carriers can be purchased through our sales agencies.

  • Millionth Passenger

    On 2nd July 2004, we rewarded our one-millionth passenger with a seven-day vacation for two in Paris. The one-millionth ticket was purchased at our Podgorica sales agency.

  • 1,500,000th Passenger

    On 5th June 2005 we rewarded our 1,500,000th passenger. The year-end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 marked a record number of passengers and flights. At the crowded Belgrade Airport, we identified our frequent passenger and rewarded her with a vacation for two persons in Turkish resort Bodrum.

  • First E-Ticket

    On 22nd February 2006, we issued the first electronic ticket in the Balkans. The ticket was issued at our representative office in Zurich. The ticket was then processed and accepted at the Zurich airport by a passenger who has been living in Switzerland for more than a quarter century. That Montenegro Airlines was among the first airlines in Europe to issue e-tickets is further proof that we are committed to the constant and timely electronic evolution of the industry.

  • Two-Millionth Passenger

    At the beginning of summer season, 14th June 2006, we rewarded the two-millionth passenger.

    Constant growth of number of destinations, flights and thus passengers, enabled us to identify the "jubilee" passenger at the very beginning of the season. Our passenger, Ms. Elida Mijovic of Podgorica was awarded vacation for two persons in Paris.

  • IOSA Certification

    On 21st February 2007, Montenegro Airlines officially received IOSA certification from IATA. IOSA is the most important, internationally recognized oversight program for airline safety in civil aviation. In addition to technological standards, IOSA also takes into account organizational and personnel standards.

    IOSA has a clear and unique goal - to improve aviation safety. IOSA certification inspections consist of 750 strictly defined safety standards, developed by more than one hundred international industry experts. These standards have been developed in order to raise the safety bar in the entire air industry. The IOSA safety program is recognized by American air transport authorities, which are applying very strict standards since 9/11.

  • Flights to Russia

    On 19th May 2007, our air bridge to Russia was established. Since then, scheduled flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg have been operating on a regular basis.

    Montenegro Airlines operates flights to Russia three times a week in the winter season. During the summer season the number of flights to Russia increases.

  • Fleet Renewal

    On 23rd July 2007, the process of fleet modernization continued when Montenegro Airlines signed a purchase agreement for two new Embraer 195s. These aircraft open a new chapter in the company's commercial air transport history and create fresh opportunities for our business operations.

    Embraer 195s are recognized for their sophisticated and extraordinary performance. With its state-of-the-art technology the 195 is rightly known as the aircraft of the 21st century. The 195 was designed by E-principle and encompasses the most modern engineering know-how. The plane provides superior ergonomics, extraordinary efficiency and impressive economic values. Its introduction into the fleet of Montenegro Airlines has enabled the conquering of new markets and offers our passengers the most efficient, technologically advanced and comfortable aircraft in the sky.

  • IOSA Certificate Renewed

    On 12th February 2008, our IOSA certificate was renewed, following our compliance with new, stricter IOSA safety standards.

    IOSA is internationally recognized and accepted as the standard of safety and security in air transport. During each renewal of certification, every airline is subject to a stricter audit than the one previously conducted. Obtaining IOSA certification confirms our company's commitment to quality in all technical and business operations and attests to the value of Montenegro Airlines.

  • Arrival of First Embraer 195

    On 8th June 2008, our first Embraer 195 landed at the Podgorica airport.

    The inclusion of this aircraft in our fleet marked the beginning of a new era for Montenegro Airlines. On this occasion our company organized press cocktail which was attended by numerous guests from political and social circles, business partners and employees.

  • Promotional Flight to London

    On 15th June 2008 we connected Montenegro with one of the greatest administrative and business centers of the world – London.

    On this occasion, Montenegro Airlines organized press cocktail in prestigious London hotel "The Dorchester", which was attended by guests and media from Great Britain, as well as for guests and media from our country, who arrived, for this occasion by promotional flight to London. Montenegro Airlines operates three weekly flights to London throughout the year.

  • Direct Flights to Milan

    On 24th July 2008, we introduced direct flights to Milan.

    Airport Malpensa, in Milan, hosted a large number of representatives of the Italian media, tour operators and numerous representatives of Montenegro's media and tourism industry to officially launch Montenegro Airlines' new route to Milan. The tourism offer of Montenegro was also presented at the launch.

    Flights to Milan are operated twice a week throughout the year.

  • Three-Millionth Passenger

    On 12th September, the jubilee three-millionth passenger of this airline was identified.

    The jubilee passenger was identified based on company’s statistic indicators and data from the global reservation system Amadeus. The number "three million" refers to the period from the beginning of Company’s operations. The award, vacation for two persons in Paris, was granted to our passenger in Podgorica Sales Agency, immediately after she purchased the three-millionth ticket.

  • Company Restructuring

    On 10th November 2008, Montenegro Airlines completed all procedures for privatization and transformed from a limited liability company (d.o.o.) into joint stock company (a.d.). Dr. Zoran Djurisic was appointed President of the Board of Directors and Mr. Petar Glomazic was appointed Acting CEO.

  • One more Embraer 195 in the fleet

    May 23, 2009 New Embraer 195, the 2nd aircraft of this type in Montenegro Airlines fleet, landed on Podgorica airport. The fleet, currently has seven aircraft. On this occasion, at Podgorica Airport, the press cocktail was organized for the numerous guests both from political and public life, numerous representatives of local and international media, and employees of Montenegro Airlines. Embraer 195, member of Embraer E-jets family, is recognizable by its sophisticated and extraordinary performances. This aircraft has 116 comfortable seats, four at each row, wider aisle, and bigger baggage compartment. The most modern technical-technological solutions in the cockpit represent the latest technological work-of-art and that is the reason that these aircraft are called "the aircraft of 21st century".

  • Montenegro Airlines – the most punctual airline

    November 24, 2009 Montenegro Airlines has been recognized as the most punctual airline in a competition held by the Russian aviation authorities and the Moscow Airport Domodedovo. After checking the punctuality of operations and on-time flights of all air carriers whose planes land at the Moscow Airport, the authorities awarded Montenegro Airlines a Quality Certificate.

    This award was given on the basis of results for the month of October of 2009. The Moscow aviation authorities confirmed that Montenegro Airlines did not have even a minute of delay on its flights and gave it a "regularity rate of 100%", as well as the award of "Most Punctual Airline".

    Along with obtaining the important IOSA certificate, which Montenegro Airlines holds, the winning of this award is another affirmation of the quality, punctuality and safety of the Montenegrin air carrier.

  • Wild Beauty Award 2009 - "The best tourist website"

    December 16, 2009 Montenegro Airlines' website, www.montenegroairlines.com was judged the best tourist website in Montenegro in 2009. The award for the best website was given by the Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourism Organization, under the auspices of the President of Montenegro. On this occasion, our company was awarded the annual prize - "Wild Beauty Award 2009 - the best tourist website". The new website was launched on March 5, 2009.

  • Third Embraer 195, new aircraft in Montenegro Airlines fleet

    July 7, 2010 Montenegro Airlines, under the slogan "FOR YOU", presented to passengers the 3rd new Embraer 195 aircraft in its fleet. This is the 3rd plane of this type in Montenegrin national airline, and now the fleet operates 8 modern planes. The procurement of three modern aircraft represented the realization of the 1st phase of the renewal of Montenegrin national airline fleet. On this occasion, at Podgorica Airport, the press cocktail was organized for the numerous guests both from political and public life, numerous representatives of local and international media, and employees of Montenegro Airlines.

  • 20 000 tourists for two weekends

    May 26, 2011 Montenegro Airlines transported more than 20 000 passengers from Europe during last two weekends. Out of 20 000 passengers that arrived, more than a half are tourists. Their arrival significantly increased the occupancy rate of Montenegrin hotels. Montenegrin air company, which is especially deserving that the season commenced already in April, took care of their pleasant arrival. Montenegro Airlines, tourist industry and the Ministry of Tourism and Transport, aspire to prolong tourist season to 6 months, which was not the case in past years.

  • The number of passengers for Niš was increased by 40%

    January 31, 2012. – The number of passengers who travelled in the year 2011 on Montenegro Airlines flights to Niš was increased by 40% compared to the year 2010, as reported by the President of the Board of Directors Zoran Đurišić at the conference which was held on January 21, 2012. in Podgorica. Press conference was preceded by the meeting of the delegation of the city of Niš at the head of which was the mayor of the city Miloš Simonović.

  • Meeting of the former Yugoslavia Air-Carriers Presidents

    Miločer, Budva, May 19, 2012 - Montenegrin air carrier Montenegro Airlines hosted the meeting which gathered four regional airlines from the territory of the former Yugoslavia. CEOs of the four regional air companies agree that the conditions of the operating environment are highly difficult, even besides the increase in the number of carried passengers. That is caused by high fuel prices, high costs of air traffic control services, airport services and handling costs. They all agreed that these are the limitation factors for the development of each company. With conclusion that the meeting was highly constructive and useful for all participants, it was agreed to hold the meeting with the same participants in one month from now.

  • New Board of Directors of Montenegro Airlines constituted

    In the head office of Montenegro Airlines on June 17th, 2013 the first constitutive session of the new Board of Directors of Montenegro Airlines AD was held at which new Board of Directors was constituted.

    Daliborka Pejovic is appointed as new President of the mentioned body and Tufik Bojadzic as Vice-President. Members of the Board are Dusko Lalicevic, Zivko Andrijasevic and Branislav Golubovic.

  • Montenegro Airlines celebrates 19 years since its foundation

    On October 24, 2013 by introducing Montenegrin national cuisine in business class on longer flights and symbolic gifts to all passengers we celebrated our 19th birthday. By doing so, we are trying to improve our service and become a part of national tourist product.

  • Montenegro Airlines already in EU

    On November 21, 2013 our Company has for the first time without any objection, and fifth time since it has been conducted renewed its IOSA certificate - a proof of successful fulfillment of 741 strictly established security and safety standards, which was proven by the inspection house "Quali audit", engaged IATA (International Air Transport Association).

  • New destinations in Montenegro Airlines offer

    On April 19, 2014 we introduced summer flights to Düsseldorf. Summer flight schedule was marked by the newly introduced traffic towards London from Tivat since April 30, as well as towards Copenhagen since May 17. All passengers on the first flights received gifts.

  • Montenegro Airlines obtained an award - Brand leader in the region

    On May 14 within the conference "Sustainable development and the competition of the tourist product from Southern-Eastern Europe - SEET 2014" in Belgrade, our airline received an award "BRAND LEADER AWARD". The award was given on the basis of a series of standardized criteria which imply innovation, a high degree of recognition on the market and positioning of an authentic product.

  • Embraer 190, a new aircraft in Montenegro Airlines fleet

    On May 18, 2014 on Podgorica Airport a new aircraft Embraer 190 landed one more in Montenegro Airlines fleet. This is the fourth aircraft from Brazilian producer Embraer in the fleet of our company, and the first of the type Embraer 190. By procuring of this aircraft we formed an impressive fleet, the youngest in the region.

  • Montenegro Airlines solemnly admitted future first officers for the training program

    On June 27, 2014 in the presence of numerous guests, with rich program, we organized a solemn admittance of new first officers who were received in order to be trained to become first officers on the aircraft type Embraer and Fokker.

    At the celebration, which was organized in the honor of training beginning, the President of the Board of Directors of our airline, Ms Daliborka Pejović, welcomed the new pilots.

  • Air France and Montenegro Airlines signed code share agreement

    On July 1, 2014, Air France and Montenegro Airlines signed code share agreement on the cooperation by which Air France can enter its code and the number of flight on the flights which are operated by Montenegro Airlines between Paris (Charles de Gaulle) and Podgorica.

    By signing this agreement the service users of both companies have benefits, because of the offer of services. One of them is checking for the final destination for all those who have connections on the flights via Paris. Also, the passengers of Air France who are members of their their program for loyal passengers (Flying Blue) by collecting miles by using the offers of Montenegro Airlines.

  • Montenegro Airlines - 20 years of existence

    On October 24, 2014 our airline celebrated 20 years of existence. On this occasion, the Board of Directors brought a decision on resources donation the Institution of children's illness from the Clinical Center of Montenegro, and we have prepared numerous surprises for passengers on all flights.

  • Montenegro Airlines aircraft brought the first group of German tourist to Montenegro

    On March 24, 2015, at the Airport Tivat from Leipzig and Berlin landed Montenegro Airlines aircraft Embraer 195, bringing the first group of German tourists to our country.

    By signing the agreement about charter flights with German tour operators Montenegro Airline managed to raise the interest of the German market in Montenegro again, so on this occasion, on the Tivat Airport in cooperation with TO Budva and Adria Express Agency from Budva, arranged a solemn welcome from Budva.

  • New line of Montenegro Airlines - LYON

    On April 11, 2015 Montenegro Airlines aircraft Embraer 195 landed from Lyon at the Podgorica Airport, which, for the first time, an air bridge between Montenegro and Lyon was established, the third biggest city in France.

    On this occasion, in cooperation with TO Podgorica a solemn ceremony was arranged - a traditional welcome of tourists from this French city.

  • Montenegro Airlines and Etihad Airways have signed a Memorandum of Understanding

    04 November 2015 - Montenegro Airlines and Etihad Airways have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a Strategic Commercial Cooperation. This Memorandum represents the first step in implementation of the strategic cooperation between the Montenegrin national air carrier and national airline of United Arab Emirates, which is one of the world's leaders in air traffic.

    The aim is to increase the number of destinations available for Montenegro Airlines, but also to increase the number of passengers to be transported to Montenegro by the national air carrier, during both summer and winter season, which will significantly speed up and improve the development of tourism in Montenegro.

  • Montenegro Airlines and Thomas Cook bring tourists to Montenegro

    25 November 2015 - Montenegro Airlines has signed a contract on cooperation with one of the most famous and largest tour operators in the world, the Thomas Cook Agency.

    The contract covers the French market for 2016, concerning the lease of seats on regular Podgorica-Paris-Podgorica flights, from early April to late September. It is expected that a cooperation with this agency will result in increase of the number of our passengers from the French market.

  • IOSA CERTIFICATE renewed for the sixth time

    11 February 2016 - The national airline company Montenegro Airlines has been officially awarded the sixth in a row IOSA Certificate - a proof of successful compliance with 956 strictly set standards for aviation security and safety, for the period until January 2018. The fulfillment of the said standards is the best confirmation on the quality, the level of operations and values of the Montenegro Airlines. The issuing of the certificate came after a complex control of the work of the company. The strict standards and intensive audit require from a carrier to function perfectly, mean that Montenegro Airlines had to meet all 950 IOSA standards in terms of adequate documentation and implementation.

  • An increase in the number of MA passengers in regular traffic

    17 June 2016 - Montenegro Airlines transported 157,000 passengers in regular traffic during the first five months 2016 towards 13 traffic destinations what represents the increase of 4.6% compared with the same period last year.

    Having performed responsible flight planning which implied a reduction of flights towards less demanded destinations with an increase of flights with greater demand, it has been realized a significant downsize of operational costs and better exploitation of a passenger cabin for 3%.

    Destinations which recorded the strongest growth are Ljubljana, Saint Petersburg, Dusseldorf and Zurich.

  • Montenegro Airlines and Air Serbia have established a codeshare cooperation

    18 August 2016 - Montenegro Airlines and Air Serbia, the national airline of the Republic of Serbia, concluded an agreement on codeshare cooperation that will provide the passengers with greater air connectivity when flying between Europe, the Middle East and North America. According to this agreement, Montenegro Airlines will tap into Air Serbia's growing network by adding its "YM" code on Air Serbia's flights between Belgrade and 32 destinations, including Tivat and Podgorica. This will provide unprecedented access between the two countries and offer Montenegro Airlines' passengers convenient travel options to major cities such as New York and Abu Dhabi via Belgrade.

  • Montenegro Airlines has won the Brand Leader Award again

    28 September 2016 - The delegation of Montenegro Airlines headed by Daliborka Pejovic, the President of the Board of Directors, took part in the sixth  Business Conference "Sustainable Development and Competitiveness of Tourism in South-East Europe - SEET 2016" held in Belgrade. During the conference, the Montenegrin national airline was presented with "BRAND LEADER AWARD" once again. The mentioned award is presented on the basis of a set of standardized criteria implying innovation, high level of market recognition and authentic product placement. This award has been presented for the past nine years with the aim to promote the most prominent companies, institutions, persons and media that have set the higher standards and that promote the market, through continuous positive development and innovative strategies, and give an outstanding contribution to the popularization of economy potential, as well as, create competitive tourism image of the Region.

Montenegro Airlines Today

Today, Montenegro Airlines operates scheduled flights to Zurich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Rome, Paris, Ljubljana, Vienna, Belgrade, Moscow, Lyon, Copenhagen, London and Saint Petersburg successfully establishing an air bridge between Montenegro and Europe.

In addition to scheduled flights, we also operate charters to many destinations, including: Helsinki, Tel Aviv, Linz, Bratislava, Nantes, Bari, Naples and others.

The Montenegro Airlines fleet consists of 5 modern aircraft, of which three of them type Embraer 195 and two other are type Fokker 100. Future development plans for Montenegro Airlines include further modernization and enlargement of our fleet with more Embraer 195s. The company is committed to conquering new markets, opening new routes, increasing flights to current destinations and increasing the number of passengers served.


Board of Directors:

  • Nikola Vukićević, President
  • Milica Abramović
  • Dragan Popović
  • Dženan Demić
  • Miroslav Bjelica



  • CEO - Živko Banjević

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