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Check-in for your flight online from 48h up until 2h prior to the departure. Web check-in is currently available for flights departing from Podgorica and Tivat only.
For more details on travel conditions for your desired destination click here.


  • Baggage Travel Preparations

    Your baggage can contain articles necessary for personal use, personal and other things necessary for wear, use or personal comfort during the trip.

    It is strongly recommended that:

    • Your name and address should be written on both the outside and the inside of your baggage;
    • The temporary address at your destination should also be written on the baggage label (eg. name and address of the hotel you are staying at)
    • Your baggage should be locked, or wrapped with a strong strap so as to keep it from opening and your things being lost;
    • Valuable and fragile items, important documents and money should be kept only in your hand baggage;
    • All baggage tags from your previous trips should be removed.
    • Cameras and camcorders can be carried and used on Montenegro Airlines’ flights, but those of you who continue your travel with another airline should bear in mind that there are countries where the use of cameras, camcorders and binoculars in aircraft and airports is strictly forbidden.
  • Hand Luggage

    You can take only one piece of carry-on baggage into cabin with you on Montenegro Airlines flights.The maximum weight of the item is 8kg, and its total dimensions (including wheels, handles and side pockets) must not exceed 115 cm (eg. 55x40x20 cm).

    All airports have moulds aimed at passengers to check their hand baggage dimensions. These are simple metal frames in which hand baggage is placed. Such moulds are mostly placed near the check-in counters so as for you to simply repack the extra items into the bags you are checking in. If it fits, that means it meets standard dimensions, otherwise, you have to do re-packing.

    Apart from one piece of hand baggage, there are other items that you are allowed to take onboard an aircraft, such as a coat/jacket, umbrella, crutches, camera, binoculars, a reasonable amount of reading material, bassinet or a fully collapsible pushchair. The hand baggage of passengers travelling with a baby can contain baby food in liquid or pulpy form and milk in the amount necessary for use during the trip. A passenger using medicines in liquid form can take these in hand baggage only if holding a medical clearance issued by a competent medical institution or an authorized medical office. The same applies to the transportation of liquids that are used for medical purposes, such as blood products, insulin, etc.
    Note*: Their authenticity may be checked.


    Other items that can be taken onboard:

    • manicure set if contains no blades and files;
    • lap-tops, PDA's, mobile phones etc;
    • lighter - one per passenger, safety matches.

    You are advised to carry valuable items - such as money and jewelry, important business documents, keys and personal things of special importance to you - in your hand baggage, in no case in the registered one.

    There are items which, if found in your carry-on luggage, will be permanently confiscated at the security check.

    Items accepted for carriage only in hand luggage with the consent of the carrier:

    • Medical oxygen: gas oxygen ( bottles up to 2 liters) or air cylinder for medical use with a compulsory certificate issued by Aviation Authority that the bottle is safe/ secure for flight.
    • Mercury barometer or thermometer carried by representative of Meteorological or similar agency - must be packed in a hard package or waterproof bag to prevent the spillage of mercury from the packaging;
    • Heat source items: battery devices, underwater batteries, soldering irons which, when mistakenly activated, can produce high temperatures. With such devices, the batteries must be removed (detached from the device) in order to avoid unintended power.

    Notice for passengers who are travelling through Nikola Tesla Airport - Belgrade

    We are informing you that starting from 05/01/2018, for safety reasons, the transfer of liquids in the hand luggage of a volume exceeding 100 ml will not be permitted, including also liquids purchased at another airport and packed in STEB bags. The rule applies for all passengers travelling from another airport or making transfer at Nikola Tesla Airport.

    Detailed information can be found on

    Notice for passengers travelling to the Russian Federation

    Dear passengers,
    Federal Air Transport Agency of The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has adopted the decision on additional security measures at all airports in Russia. Please read this decision.

    The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
    Federal Air Transport Agency

    Due to Russia's Federal Air Transportation Agency (Rosaviatsiya) instruction Moscow Domodedovo airport has taken additional measures to ensure aviation security: all liquids, gels and sprays including personal-care products carried or in carry-on baggage are advised to be checked in.

    Medicines which provide life support of a passenger may be left in carry-on baggage after their identification by the airport Aviation Security Service using necessary facilities and equipments.

    Passengers are requested to take the measures directed toward live and health protection and to put specified substances in checked-in baggage to accelerate preflight procedures.

    In case of possibility of increasing time please arrive at the airport in advance.

    Montenegro Airlines kindly asks its passengers to pay attention to the regulated travel conditions in order to avoid any possible inconvenience.

  • Free Baggage Allowance

    If you purchase a ticket you have a certain free baggage allowance depending on the date of ticket issue, class of service and your routing.

    For all tickets issued from 01 January 2013. Montenegro Airlines on its flights uses the piece concept for free baggage allowance as well as a basis for calculation of excess baggage. Piece concept is reflected in your ticket by means of 'PC' and the max. amount of pieces: 1PC for 1 piece, 2PC for 2 pieces.

    While packing your bags make sure that neither of them has weight over 23kg if you are travelling in economy class and not over 32kg if you are travelling in business class.

    The following free baggage allowance is applicable to our scheduled flights.

    2 PC 1 PC
    Max weight 32kg/each Max weight 23kg/each
    Max dimensions 158cm/each Max dimensions 158cm/each
    Max weight 10 kg/ piece
    Max dimensions 158cm/ piece
    + 1 collapsible baby stroller or 1 baby seat
    *YM Frequent
    Flyer Program -
    Gold & Silver
    card holders
    2 PC 1 PC
    Max weight 32kg/each
    Max weight 32kg/each
    Max dimensions 208cm/each
    Max dimensions 158cm/each
    * Max dimensions = length + width + height


    • On flights where Montenegro Airlines is the operating carrier, disabled passengers are allowed to carry one wheelchair and/or other necessary assistive devices free of charge.
    • If you combine an Montenegro Airlines flight with those of another carrier, please note that this airline's rules will also apply to Montenegro Airlines flights if operating the longest or most significant part of the journey. Therefore we kindly recommend you to check your free baggage allowance stated on your ticket or on your booking confirmation. In this case the weight concept might also be applicable - then your free baggage allowance is based on the total baggage weight and the number of pieces is not restricted, e.g. 20K (for 20kg) 30K (for 30kg).
    • According to US-DOT regulations, it is the first carrier stated on your ticket who defines the baggage rules applicable to the entire journey.
  • Excess Baggage

    In case your baggage exceeds the permitted free baggage allowance, an excess baggage charge will be levied. All fees shown below are for a one-way trip and apply for journeys starting on Montenegro Airlines. Rules and fees may differ on flights where operating carrier is one of our partner airlines (code-share).

    The charge per piece depends on the number of pieces, its individual weight and dimensions and the issuance date of your ticket.

    ME and RS
    Free pieces: 2 No charge No charge
    Each piece within FBA oversized
    (max. dims over 159 cm, less than 208 cm)
    30 EUR 50 EUR
    Each piece within FBA with max. weight to 32 kg and max. dims over 159 cm and less than 208 cm 60 EUR 100 EUR
    Free pieces: 1 No charge No charge
    Each piece within FBA whose max. weight is over 23 kg but not exceeding 32 kg 30 EUR 50 EUR
    Each piece within FBA oversized
    (max. dims over 159 cm, less than 208 cm)
    30 EUR 50 EUR
    Each piece within FBA with max. weight to 32 kg and max. dims over 159 cm and less than 208 cm 60 EUR 100 EUR
    EXTRA BAGGAGE between
    ME and RS
    Any extra piece with
    (max. weight to 32 kg and max. dims to 158)
    30 EUR 50 EUR
    Each extra piece
    (max. weight to 32 kg)
    50 EUR 75 EUR
    Each extra piece oversized
    (max. dims over 159 cm, less than 208 cm)
    50 EUR 75 EUR
    Each extra piece overweight and oversized
    (max. weight over 32 kg, dims over 159 cm and less than 208 cm)
    100 EUR 150 EUR
    Any extra piece with
    (max. weight to 23 kg and max. dims to 158 cm)
    30 EUR 50 EUR
    Each extra piece overweight
    (max. weight up to 32 kg)
    50 EUR 75 EUR
    Each extra piece oversized
    (max. dims over 159 cm, less than 208 cm)
    50 EUR 75 EUR
    Each extra piece overweight and oversized
    (max. weight to 32 kg, max. dims 159 cm - 208 cm)
    100 EUR 150 EUR
    * Max weight of piece is 32 kg/each
    ** Max piece size (l + w + h) is 208cm/each
    *** Any peace weight over 32 kg and/or sized over 208 cm carried as cargo (
  • Dangerous goods and prohibited articles

    Dangerous goods are articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment.

    Special regulations are applicable for the transport of these goods.

    Do not carry the following dangerous articles in your baggage or on your person:

    • Alcoholic beverages exceeding 70% alcohol by volume
    • Explosives, e.g. fireworks, ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles
    • Elektro shock weapons
    • Infectious substances, e.g. diagnostic specimens
    • Corrosive material, e.g. Mercury
    • Magnetized material
    • Liquid oxygen devices
    • disabling devices, e.g. mace, pepper sprays or similar containing irritant or incapacitating substances.
    • Oxidizing material, e.g. stain, bleaches
    • Organic peroxides, e.g. hardener for fiberglass
    • Toxic substances, e.g. pesticides, insecticides
    • Radioactive material
    • "Strike anywhere" matches
    • Blue flame or "Cigar" lighters, lighter fuel or lighter refills
    • Flammable or spontaneously combustible liquids or solids, e.g. fuel white gas, paint, solvents, alcohol exceeding  80% by volume, charcoal lighter.

    The following dangerous goods may be carried under special transport conditions:

    • Aerosols
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Security-type equipment such as attaché cases or cash boxes/bags etc.
    • incorporating dangerous goods, such as lithium batteries and/or pyrotechnic material
    • Consumer electronic devices with fuel cell systems or lithium/lithium ion cells or batteries
    • Energy efficient light bulbs
    • Battery powered wheelchairs/mobility devices
    • Dry Shipper (Insulated packaging containing refrigerated liquid nitrogen)
    • Oxygen or air cylinders for medical use
    • Diving lamps
    • Lithium ion batteries
    • Oxygen or air cylinders for medical use
    • Medical oxygen
    • Ammunition
    • Camping stoves and fuel containers
    • Heat producing articles
    • Portable medical electronic devices
    • Life jacket
    • Avalanche rescue backpack
    • Matches
    • Cardiac pacemaker
    • Dry Ice
    • Cigarette lighters
    • Hair curlers containing hydrocarbon gas
    • Mercury thermometer or barometer

    For details concerning the transport conditions click here .

    Pursuant to Article 145 paragraph 1 of the Law on air Traffic Aviation (Official Gazette of Montenegro, number 30/12), Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro has determined athe list of articles that cannot be transported in hand luggage and checked baggage. Please take a look at documents below.

    Prohibited articles in hand luggage

    Prohibited articles in hold (checked) baggage

    Prohibited articles

  • Special Items

    Fragile items, sensitive constructions, artworks or precise items which cannot be transported in the registered baggage will be accepted for carriage only if originally packed in a cardboard box, tube of hard cardboard or a crate specially made for transportation of these items. Fragile/bulky items will, at a special request, be transported on passenger seat. Such transportation is subject to excess baggage charge, and will in no case cost less than 75% of the applicable fare. When such items are transported in registered baggage, it shall be marked with the "Liability Release" baggage tag and a "Fragile" label.

    List of special items:

    • fragile items;
    • artworks;
    • porcelain/ceramic;
    • electronic devices, whose use on airplane can be banned in order to prevent it from interfering with aircraft’s communication and navigation system.  These are mobile phones, radio and TV devices, CD players, video cameras, lap-top computers, remote control toys etc.
    • objects made of glass, crystal;
    • alcohol beverages: prepared for cabin baggage in a duty-free shop;
    • musical instruments;
    • photographic equipment: flash bulbs must be in their original packaging;
    • bags/boxes/rucksacks: have to be  durable enough and securely closed so as to protect its contents;
    • garment bags: only one garment bag. When accepted as cabin baggage, it is marked with the “Liability Release” baggage tag;
    • sport/recreation equipment: except for specific items, this equipment cannot be included in free baggage allowance;
    • fountain pens, cigarette lighters and other objects with liquid containers can leak at great heights. Passengers are therefore recommended to either empty or secure such items against leaking.
  • Transportation of Unregistered Baggage at Passenger Seat - CABIN BAGGAGE

    You can arrange in advance to transport fragile items, paintings, various appliances(crutches, walking canes), roll up, oxygen respirators or musical instruments on the passenger seat. Such baggage cannot weigh more than 75 kg, is not included in free baggage allowance and is subject to special charges.

    Baggage transported on passenger seat (CBBG) must fit within the seat dimensions. Maximum permitted dimensions for cello (in the box) are: 55x49x140 on Emraer and 50x42x150 on Fokker (F100). Maximum permitted dimensions for other CBBG are: 55x49x100 on E195 and 50x42x110 on F100.

  • Electronic devices

    Personal electronic devices placed in checked baggage have to be completely switched off and effectively protected from accidental activation. To ensure the device is never powered on during its transport, any applications, alarms or pre-set configurations that may activate the device have to be disabled or deactivated.

    Personal electronic devices placed in checked baggage have to be protected from damage by applying suitable packaging or casing or by being placed in a rigid bag protected by adequate cushioning (e.g. clothing).

    The Hoverboard device and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones are required to be in hand luggage.

    Safety of passengers and crew is the top priority of Montenegro Airlines.

    EASA - Safety Information Bulletin

  • Transportation of pets

    Transport of Pets in the Cabin (PETC)

    Only small pets can be transported in the passenger cabin (but not if carried by an unaccompanied minor), such as: dogs, cats, small tame birds or small rodents (rabbit, hamster, guinea pig). Montenegro Airlines does not accept reptiles for carriage.

    In order to have your animal transported by plane, you have to provide a suitable, well ventilated container made of hard material (plastic, fiberglass, wood etc.), with a leak-proof bottom, or a cage with canvass cover for small birds (canary, parrot). The maximum weight of the container and the animal is 8kg, and the container size cannot exceed the hand baggage dimensions, which is 55x40x20 cm. You are allowed to place more than one animal (of the same kind) in the container as long as their weight does not exceed the maximum weight permitted. PETC has to be your only hand baggage and is to be placed under the seat in front of you. At the security check, you are supposed to take the animal out of the container and be screened along with it, while the container will be X-rayed with the other baggage.

    Animal transport in the aircraft cabin is subject to a charge: EUR20 per direction for flights between Montenegro and Serbia and EUR30 per direction for flights between Montenegro and other European countries.

    Transport of Animals in the Aircraft Hold (AVIH)

    Montenegro Airlines accepts AVIH as registered/checked in baggage. Three young animals of the same litter can be placed in the same container. Two grown up animals (of less than 14kg) can be placed in the same container if living together. The container must be large enough so that animal(s) can stand up, turn around and lie comfortably. Acceptable are containers made of fiberglass or hard plastic, which can be locked and cannot be damaged by teeth or claws.

    Maximum dimensions of the container are 91x60x66 cm and the maximum permitted weigh is 50kg.

    AVIH cannot be included in free baggage allowance. It is subject to a special charge, according to the table below:

    AVIH (pet + cage + food) Region (ME-RS) Europe
    Up to 20kg EUR30 per direction EUR60 per direction
    21 to 40kg EUR45 per direction EUR90 per direction
    41 to 50kg EUR100 per direction EUR150 per direction
    Animals weighing more than 50kg are shipped as cargo.

    Guide Dogs

    Blind, visually impaired and deaf passengers can travel with a guide dog, which will be sitting by its owner's legs, muzzled and with the guide dog harness. Montenegro Airlines will transport your guide dog free of charge.

    Apart from basic documents for transport of animals, you must have with you your dog's "Guide Animal" certificate.

    Blind passengers travelling with a certified guide dog to London need to contact British Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which requires all the relevant documents to be faxed to the number(s) provided by them prior to departure. In order to avoid the guide dog to be quarantined upon arrival to Great Britain, it must travel under the Pet Travel Scheme - PETS (see below), and the first point of entry can be Gatwick, Heathrow or Manchester.

    Transport of pets - required documents

    If you plan to travel with your pet (dog, cat or ferret), you should provide all documents prescribed by regulations of the country of destination.

    All necessary information may be obtained from the nearest foreign diplomatic and consular representations of each country.

    One of the main criteria for the transport of pet dogs, cats or martens, which is common for all countries is that the animals are healthy and fit for travel, which shall be confirmed by the veterinarian’s signature in the pet’s passport, then that they were regularly vaccinated against rabies, have implanted micro-chips or tattooed. Pets should be treated for tapeworms and ticks 24 to 48 hours prior to air travel.

    Pet passport is a document, i.e. a card issued and certified by authorized veterinary institution, which states the following:

    • date of birth/ age, breed, sex and colour;
    • micro-chip number/ tattooed number, date of macro-chipping/tattooing and its location on animal;
    • date of rabies vaccination;
    • name of vaccine manufacturer, name of vaccine and serial number;
    • date when the animal should be re-vaccinated.

    For the transport of dogs by air it is recommended that the dog should not be fed at least 6 hours before the flight, and should not be given water 2 hours before the flight.

    Regulations for import of dogs and cats in the UK

    Pets that travel to the UK, and also to Malta and Sweden, may be transported only under airway bill, i.e. as cargo, and not luggage, either hand or checked-in. Besides, in order to enter the country they have to comply with the so-called Pets Travel Scheme - PETS. According to this scheme, the pets have to be vaccinated against rabies as soon as they reach the vaccination age. Prior to vaccination, the pet must be micro-chipped. In the period 14 to 28 days after the rabies vaccination, the animal must be blood tested by an approved laboratory, and the level of rabies antibodies must be greater than 0.5 international units per millilitre (IU/ml). After obtaining the certificate that the blood sample is satisfactory, pet passport shall be issued, or in case the pet already possesses it, the examination and date of blood test should be entered under relevant sections. The animal must stay the next 6 months in quarantine, and only after that period it can travel to the UK. Please check with the Embassy, in which countries the animal may be held in the quarantine prior to entry in the UK. In extraordinary events, the period of quarantine may be longer, in the following cases:

    • occurrence of rabies in quarantine; or
    • if the animal stays in the same room in which the other animal died during its stay in quarantine.

    The animal must be treated for tapeworms and ticks at least 24-48 hours prior to travel. The law also prescribes the type of transport container that may be used, and its size. It is also necessary that the copies of all documents should be placed into file and fastened to the top of the transport container. The passengers shall bear all costs arising from landing, transit or placing the animal in quarantine.

    Animals entering the UK from non-EU countries, after being isolated in quarantine, may be brought only via approved Border Inspection Posts (BIPs), and, for transport by air, such BIP are only airports Heathrow (LHR) and Gatwick (LGW). In case of illegal import, the owners shall be subject to a fine in the amount of GBP 2.000,00 and/or imprisonment, and illegally imported animals may be euthanized!!!!

    Regulations for import of dogs and cats in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland

    As for all other countries, the animal must be vaccinated against rabies, have micro-chip implanted and hold a passport. The animal may travel only after 21 to 30 days from the vaccination date, but it is not compulsory to perform blood testing to antibody titer. Your pet may travel only after 3 months of age. Also, 24-48 hours before entry into France, the animal must be treated for internal and external parasites by authorized veterinarian. It is prohibited to import dogs of certain breeds of bull and tosa into France. It is prohibited to bring dogs such as Pit bull, Stafford terrier and mixed breeds of similar dogs into Germany. Dogs such as American Stafford terrier and Rottweiler, i.e. potentially dangerous dogs, must wear a muzzle and be kept on leash. Prior to the travel, it is necessary to take the animal for examination by the veterinarian, who will, in case the animal is healthy and fit for travel, complete the required sections in its passport and endorse it by his/her signature and official stamp.

  • Sporting Equipment

    If you are one of the passengers who want to spend their vacation actively, you can transport your sporting equipment on our planes, but such carriage has to be announced in advance.

    Montenegro Airlines charges special price for carriage of sporting equipment as excess baggage, which applies to only 1 set per passenger. Sporting equipment is divided into three categories: small, medium and large. Any equipment missing from the table shall be charged according to the weight and size of the corresponding category.

    For example, the price for carriage of hoverboard weighing up to 32kg amounts EUR 50 between Montenegro and Serbia, or EUR 70 between Montenegro and the EU countries.

    The price for hoverboard weighing between 32 kg and 50 kg amounts EUR 100 for the carriage between Montenegro and Serbia, or EUR 130 for the carriage between Montenegro and the EU countries.

    SMALL (up to 15kg and/or 140cm)

    Standard skis and water-skis*, skateboard, golf equipment, fishing equipment It enters the amount of free luggage. Any excess weight/ dimensions is charged at the excess baggage rate for YM flights or special fare (given below in the table), whichever is more convenient for the passenger. 140 cm 68 cm 68 cm
    25 EUR 30 EUR

    MEDIUM (16-32kg and/or 141-200cm)

    Skis*, bicycles, scuba diving equipment, sporting and hunting firearms, surfboards** - 200 cm 106 cm 38 cm
    50 EUR 70 EUR 200 cm 122 cm 7 cm

    LARGE (33 to max. 50kg and/or from 201cm to max. 270 cm)

    Windsurfers; canoes, kayaks***; javelins - 270 cm 61 cm 46 cm
    100 EUR 130 EUR 270 cm 83 cm 15 cm


    * Skis in excess of 140 cm will be treated as medium (140-200 cm).

    ** Surfboards exceeding 200 cm will be handled as windsurfers.

    *** Kayaks made of glass shall not be accepted for carriage!


    Standard and water-skis
    • A pair of standard skis with a pair of sticks and boots
    • One ski-board with a pair of boots
    • One pair of standard or water-skis
    Golf equipment
    • One golf bag with a pair of golf shoes.
    Fishing equipment
    • Maximum two sticks and 1 reel, 1 tackle box or haversack, 1 fish net and a pair of angling boots.
    • Max. 1 skateboard per passenger.
    • The bicycle has to be suitably packed, pedals and handlebars must be removed and fixed sideways, as well as tires deflated. It must be packed in its bag made of hard plastic, or wrapped in a preserving material (nylon etc.). It should be booked as special baggage at the time of booking. Montenegro Airlines cannot provide a bicycle box.
    Diving equipment
    • Diving suit,
    • 1 empty tank bottle*,
    • 1 regulator,
    • 1 tank frame,
    • 1 manometer,
    • 1 mask,
    • a pair of fins,
    • snorkel,
    • 1 knife,
    • 1 underwater gun,
    • 1 life-belt
    * On check-in of this kind of baggage it is a must to make sure that the bottle is empty.
    Sporting and hunting firearms
    • 1 crate with 2 guns at the most (or 1 box with maximum 5 pistols),
    • 5 kg of ammunition,
    • 1 shooting mat,
    • 1 noise suppresser,
    • 1 gun telescope,
    • small rifle/ pistol tools
    Surfing board
    • One surfing board
    Windsurfing equipment
    • 1 board,
    • 1 mast,
    • 1 boom,
    • sail
    Canoes, kayaks
    • Kayak/ canoe,
    • a pair of paddles attached to the kayak/ canoe or packed in a box

    In order to get an approval of Montenegro Airlines for the carriage of sports equipment, it is necessary to submit the request earlier as follows:

    • Sport pistol/ rifle at least 72 hours before the scheduled flight;
    • Large sports equipment (kite, kayak, bicycle, etc.) at least 7 days before the scheduled flight;
    • Other sports/ small equipment needs to be reported on the day of travel, i.e or during check-in (skis, ski boards, golf clubs, fishing rods, etc.)
  • Weapons and ammunition

    As far as firearms are concerned, MA accepts for transport the following:

    • gun for personal defense or the one carried by security of protected individuals, as well as sporting guns.

    Following firearms are considered sporting:

    1. weapons for shooting game, birds and other animals,
    2. weapons shooting target, clay pigeons and weapons for competitive shooting
    3. air rifles and guns, guns and rifles with arrows as filling, starter gun.

    Firearms are transported exclusively in the baggage box of the aircraft, with respect of strict procedures aimed at providing security of passengers and crew members, both in the aircraft during the flight, as well as at departure and arrival airports.

    If passenger plans to transport weapons or ammunition as checked baggage, it is necessary to report it, when making reservations, minimum 72 hours before flights in order to obtain consent - Certificate of transportation, specifying the exact type of weapons and ammunition as well as the country of the final destination, in order to obtain consent for the mentioned transport.

    Legal provisions and other regulations

    Procedures for the transport of firearms are harmonized with Law on Air Traffic (Article 145), The Rulebook on the manner of delivery and returning of arms and ammunition in civil air transport, as well as with ICAO Document 8974, issue 9, and CAT.GEN.MPA. 160 AIR OPS Annex I to VIII (Easy Access Rules).

  • Baggage irregularities

    In the event of any kind of baggage irregularity (lost, damaged or delayed baggage), you must report the irregularity IMMEDIATELY upon landing to the local "Lost and Found" department present on each airport, usually near the baggage carousel.

    Please keep all your travel documents also after the flight terminates (airline ticket, your copy of the baggage tag, boarding card). If you later wish to file a claim for damages, you can submit it in one of the following ways:

    • e-mail:
    • telephone: +382 20 445 121
    • fax: +382 20 445 161
    • address: Central service for baggage tracing, Department of Landside Operations, Montenegro Airlines, Golubovci Airport

    Please provide the following documents for the processing of your claim:

      • P.R. (Damaged Property Report)
      • Electronic ticket
      • Boarding card
      • Baggage tag
      • Purchase receipt of the suitcase
      • Photographs of the damaged baggage
      • Payment instructions (in the name of the person filing out the D.P.R.)
      • I.R. (Property Irregularity Report)
      • Electronic ticket
      • Boarding card
      • Baggage tag
      • List of items contained in the suitcase with the reported values
      • Receipt for the necessary purchase of items (maximum 75 € for economy class and 110 € for business class)
      • Fuel or taxi receipt when collecting the baggage
      • Payment instructions (in the name of the person filing out the P.I.R.)
      • P.R. (Damaged Property Report)
      • Police report about the missing items
      • Electronic ticket
      • Boarding card
      • Baggage tag
      • Receipts for the missing items
      • Payment instructions (in the name of the person filing out the D.P.R.)

    Incomplete documentation shall not be considered.

    Complaints for damaged baggage shall not be taken into consideration if the passenger did not make the complaint to the carrier immediately after the damage was discovered, or at the latest within 7 days from the date of collecting the baggage. In case of delayed or lost baggage, claims must be filed within 21 days after the date when the delayed baggage was collected or was due to be delivered. Complaints must be made in writing and filed within the above time limits.