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Family fare to/from Belgrade

New convenience for your family!

Most favourable tariffs on the relation Podgorica/Tivat - Belgrade and back

  • For parents: EUR 129,40 per person
  • For children between 2 and 11 years of age: EUR 76,40 per child
  • For babies (up to 2 years old) EUR 8

Period of purchase and travelling: Untill 15th June 2018 - stay of minimum 2 days, maximum 21 days

Tariff conditions:

  • Travelling of one parent with one child is compulsory.
  • During changing of reservation all tickets issued according to family tariff must be changed simultaneously and all family members should travel together.
  • This tariff does not apply to one parent travelling with an infant.
  • The price of flight ticket for children under the age of two years means mandatory joint travel with one parent and one child aged 2-11.
  • This tariff means flights where Montenegro Airlines is operating carrier.

Tickets can be bought by

  • calling the number 19804 of our Call Center,
  • for calls from abroad: +382 20 228 187,
  • as well as in all Montenegro Airlines branch offices and authorized agencies.

Note: The prices mentioned apply to return travellings and include all taxes and charges. The fare may vary subject to the changes in airport taxes and/or exchange rates. The number of passengers transported on one flight according to family tariff is limited and the same tariff does not have to be available on all flights.