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Dear passengers,

We know that you trust and love Montenegro Airlines, a company which emerged as the symbol of our desire, knowledge and abilities. Together, we made that dream come true, became a strong company, enabled our citizens to travel in fast and reliable manner to the world and return home.

Now, it’s time to move on; we would like to make a closer contact with you. We would like to hear your compliments and your critics, as well. We would like to have your suggestions, messages from your travels, photos...

We wish Montenegro Airlines to become the part of your lives.

Visit our sections - Remarks, Compliments and MGX reporter - write to us, send us your feedback by e-mails, sms, actively create our and your Montenegro Airlines world!

This section of our website, with daily updates, is another effort to make your travel by Montenegro Airlines a pleasant experience, and a reward to our efforts.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance,
Yours Montenegro Airlines