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Family tariff for all regular destinations

Dear travelers,

Listening to your wishes and interest in a special tariff tailored for families, which would apply not only to flights from Podgorica and Tivat to Belgrade and back, but also to other cities to which we fly throughout the year, we created a Family tariff for all regular "winter" destinations!

This tariff contains conditions of purchase and travelling that differ from the one for Belgrade, therefore, please read carefully what it is about.

Parent* Child* Baby
Podgorica Ljubljana 135 € 88 € 10 €
Podgorica Rome 170 € 100 € 10 €
Podgorica Vienna 174 € 104 € 10 €
Podgorica Frankfurt 177 € 114 € 10 €
Podgorica Zurich 180 € 110 € 10 €
Podgorica/ Tivat Moscow 190 € 120 € 10 €
Podgorica/ Tivat Paris 194 € 124 € 10 €

The above prices refer to return trips as well as to the trips started abroad.

Purchase and Travel Period: During the whole year, excluding the period from June 15th to August 31st, 2020.

Tariff conditions:

  • Stay for a maximum of one month;
  • Required purchase of tickets within 48 hours of making the reservation;
  • Mandatory joint travel of at least one parent and one child (more than one child may be included);
  • When making a reservation, all tickets issued at the family tariff must be changed at the same time and all family members should travel together;
  • This tariff does not apply to a single parent travel with a baby;
  • Ticket price for a child under two years of age refers to an obligatory joint travelling with one parent and one child aged 2-11 years;
  • This tariff applies to flights where Montenegro Airlines is the operating carrier.

You can buy the tickets by:

  • Calling the Call center at 19804,
  • Calling from abroad at: +382 20 228 187,
  • Vising any of the branch offices of Montenegro Airlines or the authorized agencies.


Depending on the point of sale, the prices may be even higher. The amount of the tariff may vary depending on changes in airport taxes and/or exchange rate differences. The number of passengers carried on a single flight at family tariff is limited and may not be available on all flights.

* Family tariff prices will cost additional EUR 10 per passenger for the travels from March 29th 2020.