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Mile extension information

Corona virus pandemic has disrupted the entire world traffic, and many countries have banned traveling, as well as commercial air traffic.

With the understanding that this greatly influenced traveling planes, and that it will potentially influence traveling in the next few months, we decided to extend the membership privileges of our frequent flyers in mile accruing Vision program.

We will extend validity period for a year to all passengers whose accrued miles expire or have expired within a period from March 1st to June 30th.

Also, to all passengers whose Silver or Gold membership status expires in the aforementioned period (March 1st - June 30th), and were not able to accrue sufficient number of miles to renew it, the status will automatically be renewed for a year.

It is not necessary to apply for an extension, because the statuses and miles will be extended upon expiration.

In this way we strive to contribute to mitigating circumstances and enabling our frequent flyers, to use their miles without any concern for their future journeys, with the same benefits.

Montenegro Airlines strives to make every our flight to be a pleasant experience for our passengers, with the utmost care and concern.

We fly together, we win together.