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Check-in for your flight online from 48h up until 2h prior to the departure. Web check-in is currently available for flights departing from Podgorica and Tivat only.
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Mile extension information

The corona virus pandemic has disrupted all world traffic, and many countries have introduced travel and commercial air travel bans.

Understanding that this has greatly affected travel plans, but will potentially affect travel in the next few months, we have decided to extend the membership privileges of our regular travelers to the Vision Mileage Collection Program.

For all passengers whose collected miles expire or have expired in the period from March 1 to the end of 2020, the validity period will be extended to one year.

Also, all passengers whose Silver or Gold membership status expires in the specified period (March 1 - December 31), and were not able to collect a sufficient number of miles to renew it, the status will be automatically renewed for one year.

It is not necessary to apply for an extension, but statuses and miles will be extended upon expiration.

In this way, we strive to contribute to mitigating the circumstances and enable our regular travelers to use their miles for future travel with the same benefits.

Montenegro Airlines strives to make our every flight a pleasant experience for passengers with maximum care and attention.

We fly together, we win together.