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Ljubljana - OKI AIR d.o.o. (GSA)


  • Zgornji Brnik 130, 4210 Brnik, Airport, Slovenia


  • + 386 30 65 66 67



We are pleased to inform you, that Montenegro Airlines, national carrier of Montenegro, after the shutdown of commercial flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is gradually renewing the traffic. The first flight to Ljubljana is on June 12th. A week after that date, we will have flights on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Instructions for entering Slovenia

In relation to the previous measures, from June 25th, citizens of Montenegro will be assigned a mandatory quarantine measure for 14 days upon entering Slovenia. We note that in Slovenia, this term implies self-isolation at the address of residence, and that there is no mechanism of institutional quarantine.

Exempt from determining the measure of quarantine are:

  • Persons traveling through the territory of Slovenia for transit, which must leave within 12 hours from the time of entry.
  • Holders of diplomatic passports,
  • Persons coming for business purposes, and which possess a certificate from the competent ministry that the self-isolation could cause a greater social or economic damage, with the obligation to have a COVID-19 test with a negative result, done in the past 36 hours, and issued in the EU.
  • Persons who have scheduled medical examination, with the mandatory possession of a certificate of appointment by a doctor/clinic, as well as with the mandatory possession of a negative test result on COVID-19,
  • Persons crossing the border for inclusion in the education system of the Republic of Slovenia or a scientific research in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, as well as their parents or other companions who are obliged to leave the country within 24 hours, with mandatory possession of negative test results on COVID-19,
  • Persons entering due to a death of a close relative, and who leave Slovenia within 24 hours, having in possession a negative COVID-19 test result,
  • Persons crossing the border due to family reasons (visiting a close relative), and that leave Slovenia within 24 hours, possessing a negative test result on COVID-19.
  • Persons entering due to necessary and immediate personal reasons and who leave the state within 24 hours, with proof of the reason for which they come, as well as having negative test result on COVID-19.

Negative test result on COVID-19, for categories for which it is required, must be done in the past 36 hours (previously it was 72 hours) and it must be done in an EU member state.

We note that the rule on transit through the territory of Slovenia has been changed, instead of 24 hours, transit is now allowed within 12 hours, for entry and exit from the country.

We also note that it is not necessary to announce the citizens of Montenegro that are in transit, if they have proof that they can enter the country of destination unobstructed.

Instructions for Slovenian citizens returning back from Montenegro

We ask Slovenian citizens returning from Montenegro, to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Podgorica regarding the conditions applicable to their return or to send an email to the address of the Slovenian Police:


We are taking you to Ljubljana

The legend of the origin of Ljubljana says that the city was founded by Jason, the leader of the Argonauts, who sailed the Danube, the Sava and the Ljubljana river all the way to the Adriatic sea in a search of the golden fleece, and where they found a swampy lake. It was here that Jason killed the terrible dragon from the lake, whose distinctive sculpture still stands today on the Dragon's bridge and it represents the symbol of the city. Ljubljana was named Luwigana after this swamp, which is its Slavonic name. The city was built on the crossroads of important routes, between the Alps and the Adriatic sea, and its position enables you to visit Slovenia's coast and mountains in one day.

If you are seeking refuge from stress and hustle and bustle, the place to visit is the capital of one of the most prosperous European countries, which may not trigger the tourist excitement, but it will most certainly evoke a sense of astonishment with its adversity, details, as well as with its harmonious dimensions. Ljubljana is a small city, with kind and relaxed atmosphere that offers many different contents.

Slovenians are hardworking, persistent, frugal but people know of their solidarity. They try not to stray from their surroundings. Slovenian women skillfully incorporate all current trends into their styling, while adding their own personal touch to it. They prefer elegance and moderate tones, with occasional use of various colors. They consider other people's style that differs to theirs, to be intrusive and arrogant. The proud residents of the city will let you know that it is they who live in the city in which the sport was taken to the worshiping level. For this reason, the sports equipment stores in Ljubljana are extremely well supplied. Everything in this city is sorted out to the smallest detail, most of the people are very polite and as tourist, you will feel very comfortable, almost like home. While walking through the neat streets, in their selfless colorfulness, the world of numerous cafes where you can enjoy the taste of good coffee for hours will open up in front of you. For the residents of the former republic of Yugoslavia, Ljubljana was a city in which they stopped for coffee on their way to Trieste, where they went for shopping. When we talk about shopping, Ljubljana is recognizable city. In addition to shopping malls, tastefully designed boutiques draw attention to the products of famous brands, original souvenirs and gifts, as well as interesting creations by Slovenian designers.

The renowned Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik is largely responsible for architectural equilibrium of Ljubljana. The streets of the capital are neatly decorated and well-marked with name signs. "The path of memories and friendship", which encircles the historical center of the city in the form of a ring, used to be a barb wire fence which was there to control residents, but today it is tourist and recreational trail.

The petrified look of the greatest Slovenian poet Franc Presern, whose monument is located in the center of Ljubljana, is directed to the other side of the square, towards a female figure which is carved on the facade of a building in which Julija Primicova lived, who was poets unfulfilled love. Verona has Shakespeare's Juliet, but Ljubljana has Presern's - Julija Primicova. Franc Presern, the greatest Slovenian poet, has dedicated the pearl of his lyric "Sonetni vijenac" to his impossible love. When the initial letters of each sonnet are connected, the name of his muse will appear, the eternal inspiration of his existence.

Rome has its fountain whose four giants represent the four huge rivers, but Ljubljana has a fountain of tree rivers: the Sava, the Krka and Ljubljanica, which is located in front of the seat of the City Hall - the Magistrate. Presern's square and Stritirjev's street is connected by Tromostovje, which are three bridges that emerge from one, two of which are meant for pedestrians, and one to vehicles. Culture and art in this city have an unbreakable bond. One of the oldest Philharmonic Halls in the world, built in 1701, is located in Ljubljana. It is similar to the Philharmonic Halls in Italy, and right next to it is the University building, as well as the Ljubljana festival, a magnificent building with a courtyard in which outdoor exhibits are held, characteristic for Ljubljana. Particularly notable are the exhibitions at Tivoli park with photographs by renowned authors. The fashion and shopping lovers, are free to visit "Emporium" and "BTC City Center", that offer the newest creations of famous brands. If you are, in fact, lovers of souvenirs, you can buy eye-catching jewelry, everything from the medals, to books and cutlery, at the antiques fair along the Ljubljanica river. All the effort that you have put in to seeing beautiful building on the tower above Ljubljana will prove itself worthy with the satisfaction you will get from the view from Ljubljana Castle, which stretches for miles. You can also get to this magnificent castle by the modern cable-car.

Whether you are planning a visit to the "green part of Europe" or Ljubljana is a vacation stop on the way to exploring all the beauties of Slovenia, this lovely city will surely meet your expectations.

National cuisine in Slovenia is almost non-existent. Slovenian cuisine "picked up" the best recipes from its neighbors. It contains such meals that even the finest gourmands will not remain indifferent: popular goulash and Carniolan sausage, as well as ravioli risotto. A national treat, served on special celebrations is called "potica" but also "bledska" egg-custard cake, which is believed to be created by adding ingredients to a recipe of the same cake from Vojvodina. Despite all the specialties of their cuisine, Slovenians remain moderate in eating, they adhere to normal life habits, prefer healthy food and lots of exercise, and are generally lean.

Have a nice flight.

Yours, Montenegro Airlines