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Available tariffs

TOTAL, return ticket, all taxes included:

from Podgorica to
Belgrade from 119.40 EUR*
Vienna from 173.78 EUR*
Zurich from 184.17 EUR*
Frankfurt from 193.12 EUR*
Ljubljana from 118.31 EUR*
Paris from 217.20 EUR*
Rome from 180.70 EUR*

from Tivat to
Belgrade from 119.40 EUR*
Moscow from 238.05 EUR*

from Vienna to
Podgorica from 173.78 EUR*
from Zurich to
Podgorica from 190.17 EUR*
Belgrade from 185.43 EUR*

from Paris to
Podgorica from 217.20 EUR*
Belgrade from 197.60 EUR*

from Frankfurt to
Podgorica from 193.12 EUR*
Belgrade from 194.52 EUR*
from Ljubljana to
Podgorica from 118.31 EUR*
Belgrade from 170.71 EUR*

from Moscow to
Tivat from 258.05 EUR*
Belgrade from 240.02 EUR*

from Rome to
Podgorica from 180.70 EUR*
Belgrade from 212.10 EUR*


from Podgorica to
Düsseldorf from 194.49 EUR*
Copenhagen from 192.60 EUR*
Lyon from 183.05 EUR*

from Saint Petersburg to
Tivat from 302.71 EUR*

from Tivat to
Hannover from 185.29 EUR*
Leipzig from 186.05 EUR*
London from 210.61 EUR*
Munich from 181.15 EUR*
Saint Petersburg from 282.71 EUR*
from Düsseldorf to
Podgorica from 194.49 EUR*
Belgrade from 201.89 EUR*

from Copenhagen to
Podgorica from 193.60 EUR*
Belgrade from 193.97 EUR*

from Lyon to
Podgorica from 183.05 EUR*
Belgrade from 199.45 EUR*

From Hannover to
Tivat from 185.29 EUR*
Belgrade from 221.69 EUR*
from London to
Tivat from 211.61 EUR*
Belgrade from 196.59 EUR*

from Leipzig to
Tivat from 186.05 EUR*
Belgrade from 210.45 EUR*

from Munich to
Tivat from 181.15 EUR*
Belgrade from 200.55 EUR*

* The fare may vary due to the change of airport taxes and/or exchange rates.

Stated prices are the lowest published fares offered by the company according to destinations. The number of seats available at these fares is limited. The fares may be higher depending on the available flights. They apply to travels completed within the period of one month from the date of starting the travel. All taxes are included in the price.