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Check-in for your flight online from 48h up until 2h prior to the departure. Web check-in is currently available for flights departing from Podgorica and Tivat only.
For more details on travel conditions for your desired destination click here.

Travel preparations

  • Ticket Info


    Electronic tickets replace old fashioned paper tickets. Electronic ticketing has been standardized by IATA. Electronic tickets are stored in the issuing company's database. An electronic ticket contains the complete contract of carriage which defines the rights, duties and liabilities of parties to the contract.

    A passenger's boarding pass is evidence that the contract of carriage was executed.


    This document contains the most important information related to your travel with Montenegro Airlines (departure and arrival information, payment confirmation and other mandatory legal information). It is the primary part of an electronic ticket and contains the contract of carriage between the passenger and the company. In case it is sent by fax or e-mail, only one receipt, containing information about travel and payments, will be issued. An itinerary receipt must be delivered to the passenger. It may be issued for one or several passengers.

  • Check-in


    In order to facilitate a smooth check-in for yourself and your baggage, we kindly ask that you be at the airport two hours before your scheduled departure time. Please understand that the check-in counter closes 30 minutes prior to departure and passengers who have not checked-in by then will not be boarded.

    Allowing passengers to check–in late can lead to late departure times. Late departure times not only inconvenience other passengers on a flight but also result in the airline's schedule being unnecessarily altered, thus inconveniencing all passengers who will be flying with Montenegro Airlines after you have arrived at your destination.


    If your travel plans involve several carriers, you can check your baggage through to the final destination, unless you make a stop for longer than 24 hours.

  • Web check in

    Save your time and check-in for a flight online.

    In order to simplify your check-in process, our passengers who travel from Podgorica and Tivat, have a possibility to do it online, via their computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Basic information:

    • With online check-in, you will receive a boarding ticket in just a few steps. After that, you can save it on your phone or print it.
    • Online check-in may be done within 48h prior to the flight.
    • Online check-in must be done no later 2 hours prior to the flight. After that check-in is only possible at airport.
    • If you travel with some of our code-share partners, it is necessary to visit their websites to get more detailed information regarding the possibilities of online check-in that could defer to our regulations.
    • If you have a special request in your reservation (pet transport, extra luggage, stroller, medical requirements, sports equipment, etc.) online check-in is not possible, but you will have to check-in at airport at least 2h prior to departure.

    If you have a connection flight, but it is not showing on the itinerary page, you will not be able to do check-in for that part of the travel. You may perform a web check-in only for the parts of the travel that are shown on the itinerary page. For the rest of the travel, it is necessary for you to check the details on the website of the other carrier on your ticket.

    We note that you are obliged to obtain all the necessary documents, and check their validity in accordance to the regulations of the countries that you travel or through which you transit.

    Regarding the current Corona virus global pandemic, we call for our passengers to inform themselves about general limitations and travelling conditions for destinations that they go to. We note, that for some destinations that we operate to, it is necessary to fill-out a contact form. Detailed information about entry measures for a certain countries may be found here.

    Check-in option on Vienna airport

    Check-in for Montenegro Airlines flights at the Vienna airport shall be conducted at drop-in counters numbers 350 to 378, instead of the designated pults that carry the company sign.

    At the terminal 3, from where MA departs, the passengers will have the possibility of electronically checking in themselves on check-in kiosks, with the assistance of the Austrian Airlines staff, where they will receive a boarding pass and baggage tag, after which they can drop off their baggage at the abovementioned drop-in counters - numbers 350 to 378.

    Passengers may also check-in online, 36h hours before their flight, using the following website:

    This system also allows passengers to use City Airport Train (CAT) stations to check-in and drop off luggage, 24h before their flights.

    More information can be found at the following website:

  • Visa information


    You would surely not want to go through a bad experience of being denied entry into a country of your destination or facing fines because of your failure to obtain visa. While planning your travel, make sure that your passport is valid and that you have obtained all necessary travel documents and visas.

    Please note that it is your obligation to obtain all travel documents and comply with the requirements of the states you travel to or transit through. Visa information can be acquired in the diplomatic and consular missions to the states covered by your itinerary.

    If you wish, our ticketing staff can provide you with information and support with regard to the obtaining of appropirate documents. However, the purpose of such information is to serve as guidance, you cannot rely on it only, and our staff will not be held responsible for any consequences you might have due to incomplete documents.


    If you travel to Montenegro, visa information can be looked up at the official website of the Montenegrin Ministry of the Interior:


    Apart from the requirement to hold biometric passports, pursuant to general requirements for entry into EU countries, i.e. Schengen area countries, which apply to all third country nationals, Montenegrin citizens may at the border crossing be also required to meet the following:

    • To state the place of their stay (i.e. show the invitation letter or guarantee letter, travel voucher, hotel booking, or provide the address where they will be staying);
    • To hold the proof of sufficient funds to cover their intended stay, transit and return to the home country, in cash or on credit cards (money amounts vary between Euro 40 and 70 per day, depending on the state);
    • That Schengen Information System (SIS) does not have any alert on refusal of their entry;
    • That prior to their intended entry into the Schengen area they have not stayed in the area for more than 90 days within the six month period;
    • That they do not pose risk to public order and peace, internal security, public health or international relations of any EU member state.

    We inform you that when travelling to the Republic of France, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Italy, the Kingdom of Norway, The Swiss Confederation, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Austria and the Slovak Republic, passengers must have a passport whose period of validity is at least three months after the planned departure from these countries.

    Please note that the above mentioned rule applies to all countries of the Schengen zone.

    As far as State of Israel and Russian Federation is concerned, passengers must have a passport with validity period of at least six months from the date of departure from territory of the mentioned countries.

    Note that all the quoted information serve only as guidelines, and travelers are obliged to inform themselves in detail with relevant authorities.

    Information on visas for Montenegrin citizens may be obtained at:

    Download the Notice by the Ministry of the Interior about the travel without visa for Montenegrin citizens .

    NOTE: Some states require advance passenger information (API), therefore you might be required to provide information such as: gender, name (as shown on the passport), last name (as shown on the passport), date of birth, nationality, passport number, dates of its issue and expiry, the issuing country. These data are to be sent within 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

  • Baggage Travel Preparations

    Your baggage can contain articles necessary for personal use, personal and other things necessary for wear, use or personal comfort during the trip.

    It is strongly recommended that:

    • Your name and address should be written on both the outside and the inside of your baggage;
    • The temporary address at your destination should also be written on the baggage label (eg. name and address of the hotel you are staying at)
    • Your baggage should be locked, or wrapped with a strong strap so as to keep it from opening and your things being lost;
    • Valuable and fragile items, important documents and money should be kept only in your hand baggage;
    • All baggage tags from your previous trips should be removed.
    • Cameras and camcorders can be carried and used on Montenegro Airlines’ flights, but those of you who continue your travel with another airline should bear in mind that there are countries where the use of cameras, camcorders and binoculars in aircraft and airports is strictly forbidden.

    *Note: On flights where Montenegro Airlines is an operating carrier people with disabilities are allowed to carry one wheelchair and/or other necessary appliances.
    Detailed information on baggage can be found on the following page:

  • Free Baggage Allowance

    If you purchase a ticket you have a certain free baggage allowance depending on the date of ticket issue, class of service and your routing.

    For all tickets issued from 01 January 2013. Montenegro Airlines on its flights uses the piece concept for free baggage allowance as well as a basis for calculation of excess baggage. Piece concept is reflected in your ticket by means of 'PC' and the max. amount of pieces: 1PC for 1 piece, 2PC for 2 pieces.

    While packing your bags make sure that neither of them has weight over 23kg if you are travelling in economy class and not over 32kg if you are travelling in business class.

    The following free baggage allowance is applicable to our scheduled flights.

    2 PC 1 PC
    Max weight 32kg/each Max weight 23kg/each
    Max dimensions 158cm/each Max dimensions 158cm/each
    Max weight 10 kg/ piece
    Max dimensions 158cm/ piece
    + 1 collapsible baby stroller or 1 baby seat
    *YM Frequent
    Flyer Program -
    Gold & Silver
    card holders
    2 PC 1 PC
    Max weight 32kg/each
    Max weight 32kg/each
    Max dimensions 208cm/each
    Max dimensions 158cm/each
    * Max dimensions = length + width + height


    • On flights where Montenegro Airlines is the operating carrier, disabled passengers are allowed to carry one wheelchair and/or other necessary assistive devices free of charge.
    • If you combine an Montenegro Airlines flight with those of another carrier, please note that this airline's rules will also apply to Montenegro Airlines flights if operating the longest or most significant part of the journey. Therefore we kindly recommend you to check your free baggage allowance stated on your ticket or on your booking confirmation. In this case the weight concept might also be applicable - then your free baggage allowance is based on the total baggage weight and the number of pieces is not restricted, e.g. 20K (for 20kg) 30K (for 30kg).
    • According to US-DOT regulations, it is the first carrier stated on your ticket who defines the baggage rules applicable to the entire journey.