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Vienna, the city you must meet

In case you have dreamt about visiting Vienna, former capital of Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and seeing all its cultural monuments, we offer you the opportunity to make your dream come true via our package holiday!!!

Whether you are visiting Vienna for the first time or you have already visited it several times before, this city will enchant you and you will once again enjoy in its attractions.

In addition to sightseeing, we warmly recommend you to taste Sacher cake and Vienna steak.

If you plan to go shopping, the right time is during November and December when you take advantage of winter sales.

Vienna is the city which you will love and which you will always return to and discover it all over again.

Montenegro Airlines - Package-holiday Vienna
Montenegro Airlines - Package-holiday Vienna
Montenegro Airlines - Package-holiday Vienna

4-day package-holiday

  • price: 375 EUR
  • departure from Podgorica: on Wednesdays at 07:55
  • return from Vienna: on Saturdays at 10:30

3-day package-holiday

  • price: 329 EUR
  • departure from Podgorica: on Saturdays at 07:55
  • return from Vienna: on Mondays at 10:30

Package includes:

  • air fare including all taxes
  • transport from the airport to the hotel, vv
  • 2 (for 3-day package) and 3 (for 4-day package) overnight stays, breakfast included in 4-star hotel in Vienna

Package does not include:

  • ticket to Parndorf outlet (sold on the bus, price € 9.50)
  • tour guides for panoramic sightseeing
  • museum tickets
  • individual passenger costs
  • passenger health insurance

For more information please contact:

  • + 382 20 40 55 33 (08:00 - 16:00)
  • + 382 20 22 81 87 - for international calls
  • Call Centar + 19804

If you are interested in our package-holiday, please send a booking request to the following e-mail address: or reach us directly by the above phone numbers.

For further details click here: