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Check-in for your flight online from 48h up until 2h prior to the departure. Web check-in is currently available for flights departing from Podgorica and Tivat only.
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Zurich CGS ltd. counter


  • Zurich Airport - Terminal 2


  • +41 43 816 6739
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Dear passengers,

We inform you with great pleasure that Montenegro Airlines, the national carrier of Montenegro, is gradually resuming its traffic after the commercial shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We resumed the regular traffic in the following order: Ljubljana on June 12th, Frankfurt on June 14th, Vienna on June 15th, Paris on June 16th, Zurich on June 17th, Dusseldorf on June 20th, Copenhagen on June 20th, Hanover on June 21st, London on June 24th, Lyon on July 25th, Rome on August 14th, Belgrade on August 19th.

Our team works tirelessly to maintain the highest hygiene standards and apply all necessary safety measures. All these measures are in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, the Civil Aviation Agency and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Safety of passengers and crew is always our top priority.


The flight schedule depends on the decisions and guidelines of the National Coordinating Body of Montenegro, domestic, foreign and international bodies and the relevant authorities from the field of civil aviation, i.e. on the changes of travel restriction in the countries to which we operate flights. For more information on the flight schedule, booking and ticket purchase, please call:

  • Call Center + 19804,
  • for international calls + 382 20 22 81 87


Yours, Montenegro Airlines


Instructions of entering Switzerland

According to the laws of Switzerland, all passengers entering this country, from June 2nd 2020, must fill out a contact form before landing, which you can download here and submit after boarding to our cabin crew. If you do not submit the already completed form, colleagues on the plane will hand you a copy that must be completed and submitted.

All companies flying to Switzerland are obliged by local law to follow this procedure and deliver the lists to the country of entry upon request.

The form contains basic contact information and it is easier to contact the passenger in case it is determined that one of the passengers has been infected with the new Corona virus. This data will be stored in accordance with the highest standards governing the protection of personal data, and will be destroyed after one month.


Montenegrin citizens still cannot enter the Swiss Confederation as tourists. Citizens of Montenegro who have a regulated stay in Switzerland can enter this country from July 23 with mandatory quarantine or self-isolation for 10 days.

Citizens of Montenegro who do not have a residence permit, but have a strong reason to enter, can apply for permit via email To connect with family member in Switzerland, a special permit from Swiss authorities is required - Type D Visa issued by Switzerland or Laissez Passer issued by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) or an official letter from the Immigration office. It can be requested via email

Transit: Passengers are allowed to transit to another Schengen country from which they have a residence permit, work permit or national visa. More details on border closures and exemptions can be found at:

General questions on entering Switzerland can be found on the website of the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration:,
and here


We are taking you to Zurich

Zurich is the city of banks, watches, festivals, city that nurtures the cult of chocolate and cheese. This is a city above witch rise the mighty mountain peaks of the Alps, city with an elongated lake, a river that divides it on east and west and seven huge bridges that are connecting separated riverbanks.

Zurich is the largest but not the capital of Switzerland, a country where in addition to multiple official languages: German, Italian, French and Romansh language, English is often used in order to understand each other better.

The biggest international airport in Switzerland, named Kloten, is located in Zurich. It is only 13 kilometers away from the center of Zurich, and you can get to it by tramway, high-speed rail, bus or a taxi. This airport is a good starting point for touring other cities in Switzerland. It is located 83 kilometers from Basel, and 123 kilometers from Bern. The flight to Zurich, to which Montenegro Airlines operates from Podgorica, takes two hours.

And make sure to read down below, where to go after you land.

Lake Zurich

Promenade along the lake, the "golden shore" with glorious villas, the city of roses with over 600 different species, the biggest water park in Europe, a medieval castle, are only part of what can be seen when "discovering" the lake. What we found particularly interesting was the zoo with over 2000 animals and with around 250 different species. But that’s not all. Replica of the tropical rainforest is a special attraction of this place because it is a project to help the real Masoala rainforest, which is one of the six national parks of Madagascar. Amazingly, but in Zurich, you have the opportunity learn practically about natural environments of Madagascar.

The Old Town

A walk through the vivid district of historical part of Zurich is a special experience. In addition to the captivating architecture, distorted, paved streets and charming cafes, the Grossmunster Church with two twin towers is also located there, and it is the city's main landmark. The Peterskirche (St. Peter's Church) is also located there, which has the biggest clock in Europe, and it is 8,7 meters in diameter. The large pointer of this clock must move 45 centimeters to indicate that one minute has expired. You will sure remember this when you use the saying exact "as a Swiss watch".

The Swiss National Museum

Make sure to go to the biggest museum in the country and to get to know with history and culture of Switzerland. The museum is worthy of visit and it’s architectural charm makes it look like it is from a fairytale. You can admire the exhibits inside museum that date from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age and it includes collections, sculptures, furniture, wooden liturgical sculptures, as well as a house dedicated to porcelain and ceramics.

The Toy Museum

Museum that not only attracts children, but it is very interesting for adults because it contains an impressive collection of our ancestors' toys. As it is a collection that dates from 18th century to present day, when looking around the museum, you can track the development of glorious activity of playing. By observing trains and locomotives, you will learn a lot about technical revolution. By looking dolls you will have an insight on fashion trends of different periods, and their houses will revel you the look of households.


You may already know that Switzerland is referred to, by many, as the home of chocolate. Numerous companies that produce chocolate are open to visiting, observing the process of production and of course tasting and buying. The most beautiful souvenir that you can bring from Zurich is a hand-made chocolate from a family chocolate shop or the well-known chocolate called Toblerone, that symbolizes Materhorn, the most famous mountain peak of Switzerland.

Bahnhofstrasse for shopaholics

For those who enjoy shopping, Zurich has a lot to offer. For example, Bahnhofstrasse is 1,4 kilometers long shopping street and it has the most exclusive stores, like: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Cartier, Dior, Giorgio Armani and many other. Interesting thing is that, for most of the stores you need to have an appointment in order to go inside.

Have a nice flight.

Yours, Montenegro Airlines