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Frankfurt - Montenegro Airlines - Branch Office


  • Airport Frankfurt, Terminal 2, Halle D, 60547 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland


  • + 49 69 28 23 74


  • + 49 69 28 11 76



Düsseldorf - JET TRAVEL


  • + 49 1756712919


We are pleased to inform you, that Montenegro Airlines, national carrier of Montenegro, after the shutdown of commercial flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is gradually renewing the traffic. We resumed flights to/from Dusseldorf on June 20th, on every Tuesday and Saturday, but from July 16th we’ll have flights on Thursdays also.

Instructions for entering Germany

Federal government decided today (July 1st) to gradually lift current traveling restrictions into Germany from 11 third world countries, among which is Montenegro.  As a reminder, taking into consideration partial improvement of the epidemiologic situation in various countries, the EU Commission stated their decision on June 11th 2020. (COM (2020)399 final) regarding coordinating measures of the Member States. Based on the aforementioned, the EU Council made an adequate recommendation on June 30th 2020. It will be applied in Germany starting on July 2nd of this year.

The recommendation provides for the coordinated lifting of travel restrictions by Member States as follows:

  1. Entry from third world countries with low infection rate, according to the agreed list of countries, is possible without restrictions. The list of countries is updated every two weeks. Member States have the option of granting entry gradually, but not for all countries at the same time. Germany will first allow unlimited cross-border entry for 11 countries based on currently available data:
    1. AUSTRIA
    2. GEORGIA
    3. JAPAN*
    4. CANADA
    9. TUNISIA
    10. URUGUAY
    11. CHINA*

    *subject to reciprocal entry possibility.
  2. Extended entry opportunities for travelers from all third countries who have an important reason to travel. Important reasons for entry from third world countries are:
    1. German citizens, EU citizens and the citizens of third world countries with an existing residence permit in Germany;
    2. Health workers and health researchers, as well as nursing staff;
    3. Foreign skilled and highly skilled workers whose employment is necessary from an economic perspective and whose work cannot be postponed or performed abroad;
    4. Personnel engaged in the transport of goods as well as other transport personnel;
    5. Seasonal workers in agriculture;
    6. Seafarers;
    7. Foreign students whose studies cannot be fully organized from abroad;
    8. Foreign family members coming as part of family reunification, as well as visits for urgent family reasons;
    9. Persons in need of international protection or protection for other humanitarian reasons;
    10. Diplomats, employed in international organizations, military personnel and humanitarian workers in the performance of their duties;
    11. So-called "German immigrants";
    12. Passengers in transit.
  3. The previous place of residence of the passengers is crucial for determining the possibility of entry into Germany, not their citizenships.

Regardless of the Germany entry options, the quarantine obligation, which is based on the Infection Protection Act, applies in all federal provinces for arriving and return travelers from the risk area determined by the Federal Institute for Communicative Diseases "Institute Robert Koch". As a reminder - Montenegro will not be listed on the IRK risk areas starting on 07.01.2020, 12:15 PM, and therefore quarantine/self-isolation will not be mandatory upon arrival in Montenegro from Germany.


We are taking you to Dusseldorf

If you wish to learn and discover the long tradition and culture of Germany, Dusseldorf is an ideal city for you. This economic and cultural centre represents an ideal starting point for a tour of West Germany. The Dusseldorf Airport is equally distant from Koln, Dortmund, Essen, Wuppertal, Duisburg, as well as the Dusseldorf itself, and only 160 km from Luxemburg.

You can find out on your own by using services of Montenegro Airlines why, Quentin Tarantino, famous Hollywood movie director, has mentioned several times this city in his movie "Django unchained", and why the greatest fashion designers see Dusseldorf as the forth city, the Mecca of international fashion.

For all who love something special and beautiful, idyllic neighbourhoods with antique shops, theatres, concert halls, historic monuments, museums, galleries, art shops, as well as beautiful parks, will for sure love Dusseldorf.

Beautiful architecture, narrow streets and alleyways, are converting Dusseldorf's Old Town Altstadt, into "the longest bar in the world", one of the most beautiful in Europe. You shouldn't miss the famous television tower, which stands 240.5 m long, and has the biggest digital clock in the world which is the symbol of the city.

World-renowned museums, like the "Kunstsammlung", beautiful baroque-style buildings such as St. Andrew Church, the famous "Kö" high fashion street and "Burgplatz", city square with the old castle tower overlooking the Rhine, make Dusseldorf the sought after tourist destination in Germany. The Rhine divides this city into two parts. Not far from the Old Town, in the Dusseldorf harbour, Medienhafen, the postmodernist architecture rises. Old-time shops have been transformed into futuristically modern buildings, characterized by originality and elegance.

Pleasant flight.

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