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Student Fare

Offer for students from Montenegro

Period of purchase and travelling: Untill 15th June 2018

Return fare, including all taxes:

  • Podgorica/ Tivat - Belgrade: 119 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Ljubljana: 153 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Zurich: 179 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Vienna: 183 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Frankfurt: 186 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Düsseldorf: 186 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Rome: 192 EUR*
  • Podgorica/ Tivat - Paris: 223 EUR*
  • Tivat - London: 239 EUR*
  • Podgorica - Copenhagen: 244 EUR*
  • Tivat - Moscow: 246 EUR*

Tariff conditions:

  • The fares are intended for students under the age of 26 in the started academic year.
  • Students are required to submit the copy of valid passport and confirmation of the faculty about the enrolled academic year, after which they would be put on the list.
  • Tickets shall not be refunded.
  • In case of any changes before the planned travel to Belgrade is initiated, the penalty of EUR 20 will be charged, and for the other destinations the penalty will be EUR 25.
  • The change on the day of the flight is allowed only on relation to Belgrade and will be charged EUR 30.
  • Ticketing at these fares must be completed within 24 hours after reservations are made for flights to/from Belgrade. Booking and sale of tickets to/from all other destinations will be available not earlier than 21 days subject to flight capacity, where the period of reservation expiry will be up to 72 hours from the moment of booking the ticket.
  • Tickets under these fares may be issued only in the agencies/ representative offices of the airline.

Note: The fare may vary subject to the changes in airport taxes and/or exchange rates.

Have a pleasant flight!