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Check-in for your flight online from 48h up until 2h prior to the departure. Web check-in is currently available for flights departing from Podgorica and Tivat only.
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Special requirements

Acceptance for carriage of the unaccompanied minor, sick or disabled people, pregnant women or other persons requiring special assistance, is subject to prior agreement with us. Passengers with some kind of disabilities who informed us about special requirements, when issuing tickets, and these requirements were accepted, will not be subsequently rejected for transport due to their disabilities or special requests.

If we accept your pet for transportation, such transportation will be in accordance with the appropriate conditions.

  • Unaccompanied minors (UM)


    This procedure applies to the transport of children travelling unaccompanied (UM), at the age of 5 to 12 years, and at the request of parent or guardian, it also applies for unaccompanied children over 12 years and not more than 16 years old.

    The transport of the unaccompanied minor is possible only on the flights where MA is an operating carrier* and does not apply to code-share** flights operated by another company, except in the cases of transport of the children belonging to the "special category of passengers".

    Obligations of parent/ guardian whose child travels as an unaccompanied child

    1. When making a reservation, parents/ guardians are obliged to inform our officers if they want to buy a ticket for an unaccompanied child, as well as to indicate the age of child.
    2. Reservation of the unaccompanied child's ticket will be issued only if the carriage is approved by Montenegro Airlines, as well as by other companies participating in the carriage, if any.
    3. All documents necessary for the travel of unaccompanied child (ticket, passport, visa etc.) are obliged to provide parents/ guardians.
    4. Children are accepted to flight on the basis of a statement which is obliged to be completed and signed by parents/ guardians. Statement i.e. "UM form" is completed at the airport during check-in. In order for all formalities to be done on time, please come to the airport early and sign up a child for a flight two hours before the scheduled departure.
    5. Parents/ guardians hand over the child to the authorized officer at the airport and are obliged to stay at the airport until the aircraft in which the child is located departs. Please note that the child must be handed over or accepted only by persons listed in the Statement for Unaccompanied child i.e. UM form.

    UM form can be downloaded here .

    Care of a child at the transit airport

    During a stay at the transit airport, if the child is about to continue the travel with the same aircraft, the child shall remain on the board of the aircraft, if permitted by competent authorities and regulations of the airport concerned.

    In places where such procedure can not be carried out, the child is sent to the transit room with other passengers, accompanied by purser*** of the aircraft. Purser regulates all the necessary formalities for an unaccompanied child.

    If an unaccompanied child has a reservation with another carrier, representative of the services of Montenegro Airlines, or a purser of the aircraft shall hand over the child to the carrier for guarding with a written receipt, along with all travel documents.

    At the airport of departure, the officer of Montenegro Airlines hands over the unaccompanied child to the person who is waiting, with the prior check of identity of the person concerned, from the statement accompanying the child and with the written acknowledgement of the receipt. If it happens that no one is waiting for the child, the contact is established by phone or address contained in the statement.

    Transport of children older than 12 years,and not more than 16 years is provided:

    • only if assistance is really needed,
    • only if parent/guardian asks for it,
    • for travelers with limited mobility

    Charge for a child tracking service

    The child tracking service per direction is:

    • EUR 30 for the flights between Montenegro and Serbia,
    • EUR 50 for the flights between Montenegro and countries of EU,
    • EUR 70 for flights between Serbia and countries of EU.

    Exception: If as an unaccompanied minors (UM) travel brothers/ sisters, the service is charged for only one of them.

    Transport of children under the age of 5

    Montenegro Airlines accepts the carriage of a children younger than 5 years (elder than 2 years), but it is compulsory to be accompanied by elderly person. Escort can be parents/ guardians, sisters and brothers older than 14 years, or any other person older than 16 years in domestic traffic. In international traffic, escort must be older than 18 years.

    If the stated conditions are not fulfilled, accepting the child for transportation is possible only with the escort of the Montenegro Airlines stewardess as a child's escort, whereby the parent/guardian is obliged to purchase the ticket for official escort, according to the valid tariff of the part of travel in which the escort is.

    * Operating carrier - a flight operated independently by Montenegro Airlines.
    ** Code-share flight/Montenegro Airlines marketing carrier - flight performed by some other company, MA is a charterer of a certain number of seats on that flight.
    *** Purser - the main flight attendant on a particular flight

  • Children traveling with one parent/ guardian or persons who are not parents/ guardians

    Montenegro Airlines accepts on flight children accompanied by one parent/ guardian or persons who are neither parents nor guardians, but with a consent who are obliged to sign both parents/ guardians. The consent form is not legally prescribed, but must be certified by a notary or competent authority (in Montenegro: Basic Court). As the regulations vary from country to country and depend on citizenship, passengers are obliged to check the travel conditions with diplomatic-consular mission of the country they are travelling to.

    Please note that all the above information serves only as guidelines, and travellers are obliged to inform themselves in detail with the competent authority.

  • Travelling with two babies

    If an adult passenger wants to travel with two babies, an escort shall be provided for accompanying the other baby. Fare for the other baby is charged as for child while the transport of the escort is free of charge on all flights of Montenegro Airlines. When it comes to code-share flights, or flights on which Montenegro Airlines is not an operating carrier, the escort will be charged full applicable fare.

    Note: Request for travelling with two babies shall be submitted minimum one week in advance so that we can provide an officer-escort for the second baby. In the high season period (June 1st - September 30th) this service may not be available.

  • General medical conditions

    In order to provide you with safe and comfortable travel, it is necessary to give us insight about the type of assistance you need, when booking a ticket. Transport of sick passengers can lead not only to deterioration of health, but also to undesirable influence on other travelers.


    Medical documentation is required in cases where a traveler:

    • travels abroad for medical treatment, and is sent by Health Insurance Fund or some other healthcare institution,
    • travels for treatment at his own expense,
    • suffers from a disease that is considered to be contagious or contagious,
    • as a result of some disease have unusual behavior or physical condition, that may have an effect on comfort or disturbance on the passengers during flight, may be consider as a potential danger to safety, or the required procedure with a passenger can jeopardize the regularity of traffic,
    • requires medical attention and/or special equipment during the travel, or his condition may deteriorate during the flight.

    Company may refuse to transport passengers if he/she does not have the necessary medical documentation and approval from the company doctor.


    Company may refuse to transport passengers suffering from the following illnesses, or are in the following state of health:

    • decompensate heart disease or suffered myocardial infraction (age 6 weeks),
    • patients with pneumothorax,
    • patients who have been done insufflation of the air and brain cavity of a recent date,
    • psychiatric patients,
    • severe cases of middle ear inflammation with the blockade of Eustachian tube,
    • all acute infectious disease (scarlet fever, diphtheria, measles and smallpox, open pulmonary tuberculosis, whooping cough, plague, leprosy, glanders, infantile paralysis - first 6 weeks since the onset of the disease, acute encephalitis, rabies, dysentery, yellow fever, typhus, relapsing fever and cholera),
    • patients with infectious skin disease,
    • patients with mediastinal tumors, very large hernias, ileus, increased brain pressure and skull fracture,
    • persons under the influence of alcohol and narcotics,
    • recently surgically treated patients whose operational state has not been stabilized yet.


  • Oxygen bottles

    Passengers who need additional oxygen can take the oxygen tanks in aircraft cabin (in hand baggage). It is allowed to use bottles of up to 2 liters on the flights of Montenegro Airlines with a compulsory certificate issued by Aviation Authorities which approve that bottle is safe/ secure for flight.

    If you need additional oxygen, please inform us while making a reservation so that we can provide you with it and thereby avoid unwanted consequences of health deterioration. Our services are at your disposal. Have a pleasant flight!

  • Certificate of medical condition of passenger - MEDIF form

    Official certificate of medical condition of passenger - MEDIF form is required in the case of carrying sick passenger, or passenger who claims to be sick, regardless of whether he/she is sent by Health Insurance Fund or travels at his own expense. This certificate have to be filled in by doctor who is familiar with your health status and must be legible, with all requested information, certified and signed by doctor, at least 48 hours before the scheduled trip. Incomplete forms will not be taken into consideration. Your obligation is to submit Certificate of medical condition to some of our representative offices. Based on the information from the Certificate, our company doctor will then fill in the second part of Medif and approve or deny the right for transport (sometimes, depending on the diagnosis and general condition of the passenger along with signed statement of Indemnity or mandatory medical escort). Complete procedure and communication with company doctors are done by the officials of representative offices of Montenegro Airlines where the documentation for each individual case is archived. A ticket for travel will be issued to you only when the flight is approved.

    If you are coming from abroad, it is required to have an Official certificate of medical state - MEDIF filled and signed by institution or doctor in charge for your treatment. If we take you as passenger for transportation from other companies we recognize the approval of health service of the original carrier.

    The above procedure does not apply to the passengers whose only defect is deafness or blindness.

    The information provided in the MEDIF form is strictly confidential and their confidentiality is guaranteed.

    Medif form can be downloaded here .

    Sick passengers are obliged to be informed and to sign the Statement of Indemnity before flight.

    If you need oxygen during transportation, we will notify services and persons in the company who are providing the oxygen on a particular flight. If you need extra oxygen, you can carry in oxygen bottles in aircraft cabin (in your hand luggage). On the flights of Montenegro Airlines is allowed to use bottles up to 2 liters with a compulsory certificate issued by Aviation Authority which certifies that the bottle is secure/safe for flight. If you need extra oxygen please inform us in advance when making reservation so that the oxygen is provided to you and thereby unwanted consequences of health deterioration avoided. Our services are at your disposal.

  • Transport of passengers with dissabilities

    Disabled passengers are those with physical or mental disabilities; or are in such a state of health that they need special attention, or assistance while boarding or landing from aircraft, during the flight or departure, which would otherwise not be provided. In order to make your trip even more comfortable, please inform us which kind of assistance you need while making reservation. It is necessary to specify to which category of passengers you belong to so that we could timely engage appropriate services in accordance with the aforementioned needs.


    According to the degree of assistance that needs to be provided, there are the following categories of passengers:

    • WCHR- passengers who need assistance to get to or leave the aircraft, but who are able to climb up or down the stairs, as well as to move on the passenger cabin.
    • WCHS - passengers who need a wheelchair to/from aircraft and who need to be transferred up/down the stairs, and who cannot themselves come or get up from the seat in the plane.
    • WCHC - passengers who need a wheelchair from/to aircraft and need assistance to board or deboard the aircraft, as well as to move on the passenger cabin.
    • BLND - blind passengers - it is necessary to indicate when making reservations if there is an escort of a dog for guiding blind people.
    • DEAF - deaf passengers - it is necessary to indicate if there is an escort of a dog when making reservations.

    When accepting the carriage of passengers from the above mentioned categories, the escort should be as follows:

    According to the rules, the escort is not required for WCHR and WCHS passengers unless the doctor decides otherwise, while the passengers from the WCHC category must have an escort qualified for the guidance of such a passenger during the entire journey.

    NOTE: Stretcher passengers cannot be transported in aircraft of Montenegro Airlines.

    Please note that there is a limit on the number of passengers with disabilities who may be on a flight, so please specify which kind of assistance you need when booking so that your flight will be even more comfortable. Our services are at your disposal. Have a pleasant flight!


    Wheelchairs are transported as checked baggage, free of charge, if the passenger moves with the appliances. Since there are different types of wheelchairs: standard - on manual drive, motorized - on dry batteries or accumulator, the services will, at the reception, check whether the batteries are disconnected, the poles insulated and batteries firmly attached to the wheelchair.

    If you have a wheelchair on wet batteries please note that you are obligated to have the approval from all the participants in the transport, with the previously submitted request (conditions in accordance with DGR).


    When accepting battery-operated mobility aids for transport on the aircraft, we shall ensure that they meet the following requirements:

    • The battery is a type that is permitted;
    • Battery terminals are protected and electrical circuits are isolated;
    • Loading is in a manner that prevents movement and damage from other cargo;
    • If applicable, batteries are removed, protected and transported as per specifications applicable to the type of batteries;
    • The pilot in command is informed of the location of the mobility aids and/or the batteries.
  • Travel during pregnancy

    Future mothers by the 20th week of pregnancy, in good health and having uncomplicated pregnancy, can travel on the flights of Montenegro Airlines without medical clearance. If pregnancy has entered the 20th week, travel on our flights will be allowed only with medical clearance which must be issued no more than 7 days before the commencement of travel. The clearance shall confirm:

    • that delivery is not expected within period of 4 weeks of the beginning of journey, and that there are no medical disturbances for traveling,
    • there are no uncertainties in the continuation of the pregnancy or date of birth, and/or
    • no complications are expected during childbirth.

    This clearance remains in the Reservation Service.

    Travel by air is not recommended to pregnant women after 32th week of pregnancy and 7 days after delivery.

    We trust that you understand that these rules are effective for the health of both, pregnant woman and babies.


    Newborn babies can only be transported on our flights seven days after birth, unless they are prematurely born. Prior announcement and medical clearance is required for the travel of premature babies.

  • Special meals

    Montenegro Airlines offers a wide range of special meals that you can order when booking a business class ticket for flights longer than two hours: Zurich, London, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Paris, Dusseldorf, Lyon, Leipzig, as well as for both class flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg.


    Contact our Call Center 19804 or visit some of our branch offices and chose special meal at no additional costs, at least 48 hours before departure.

  • Transportation of pets

    Transport of Pets in the Cabin (PETC)

    Only small pets can be transported in the passenger cabin (but not if carried by an unaccompanied minor), such as: dogs, cats, small tame birds or small rodents (rabbit, hamster, guinea pig). Montenegro Airlines does not accept reptiles for carriage.

    In order to have your animal transported by plane, you have to provide a suitable, well ventilated container made of hard material (plastic, fiberglass, wood etc.), with a leak-proof bottom, or a cage with canvass cover for small birds (canary, parrot). The maximum weight of the container and the animal is 8kg, and the container size cannot exceed the hand baggage dimensions, which is 55x40x20 cm. You are allowed to place more than one animal (of the same kind) in the container as long as their weight does not exceed the maximum weight permitted. PETC has to be your only hand baggage and is to be placed under the seat in front of you. At the security check, you are supposed to take the animal out of the container and be screened along with it, while the container will be X-rayed with the other baggage.

    Animal transport in the aircraft cabin is subject to a charge: EUR20 per direction for flights between Montenegro and Serbia and EUR30 per direction for flights between Montenegro and other European countries.

    Transport of Animals in the Aircraft Hold (AVIH)

    Montenegro Airlines accepts AVIH as registered/checked in baggage. Three young animals of the same litter can be placed in the same container. Two grown up animals (of less than 14kg) can be placed in the same container if living together. The container must be large enough so that animal(s) can stand up, turn around and lie comfortably. Acceptable are containers made of fiberglass or hard plastic, which can be locked and cannot be damaged by teeth or claws.

    Maximum dimensions of the container are 91x60x66 cm and the maximum permitted weigh is 50kg.

    AVIH cannot be included in free baggage allowance. It is subject to a special charge, according to the table below:

    AVIH (pet + cage + food) Region (ME-RS) Europe
    Up to 20kg EUR30 per direction EUR60 per direction
    21 to 40kg EUR45 per direction EUR90 per direction
    41 to 50kg EUR100 per direction EUR150 per direction
    Animals weighing more than 50kg are shipped as cargo.

    Guide Dogs

    Blind, visually impaired and deaf passengers can travel with a guide dog, which will be sitting by its owner's legs, muzzled and with the guide dog harness. Montenegro Airlines will transport your guide dog free of charge.

    Apart from basic documents for transport of animals, you must have with you your dog's "Guide Animal" certificate.

    Blind passengers travelling with a certified guide dog to London need to contact British Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which requires all the relevant documents to be faxed to the number(s) provided by them prior to departure. In order to avoid the guide dog to be quarantined upon arrival to Great Britain, it must travel under the Pet Travel Scheme - PETS (see below), and the first point of entry can be Gatwick, Heathrow or Manchester.

    Transport of pets - required documents

    If you plan to travel with your pet (dog, cat or ferret), you should provide all documents prescribed by regulations of the country of destination.

    All necessary information may be obtained from the nearest foreign diplomatic and consular representations of each country.

    One of the main criteria for the transport of pet dogs, cats or martens, which is common for all countries is that the animals are healthy and fit for travel, which shall be confirmed by the veterinarian’s signature in the pet’s passport, then that they were regularly vaccinated against rabies, have implanted micro-chips or tattooed. Pets should be treated for tapeworms and ticks 24 to 48 hours prior to air travel.

    Pet passport is a document, i.e. a card issued and certified by authorized veterinary institution, which states the following:

    • date of birth/ age, breed, sex and colour;
    • micro-chip number/ tattooed number, date of macro-chipping/tattooing and its location on animal;
    • date of rabies vaccination;
    • name of vaccine manufacturer, name of vaccine and serial number;
    • date when the animal should be re-vaccinated.

    For the transport of dogs by air it is recommended that the dog should not be fed at least 6 hours before the flight, and should not be given water 2 hours before the flight.

    Regulations for import of dogs and cats in the UK

    Pets that travel to the UK, and also to Malta and Sweden, may be transported only under airway bill, i.e. as cargo, and not luggage, either hand or checked-in. Besides, in order to enter the country they have to comply with the so-called Pets Travel Scheme - PETS. According to this scheme, the pets have to be vaccinated against rabies as soon as they reach the vaccination age. Prior to vaccination, the pet must be micro-chipped. In the period 14 to 28 days after the rabies vaccination, the animal must be blood tested by an approved laboratory, and the level of rabies antibodies must be greater than 0.5 international units per millilitre (IU/ml). After obtaining the certificate that the blood sample is satisfactory, pet passport shall be issued, or in case the pet already possesses it, the examination and date of blood test should be entered under relevant sections. The animal must stay the next 6 months in quarantine, and only after that period it can travel to the UK. Please check with the Embassy, in which countries the animal may be held in the quarantine prior to entry in the UK. In extraordinary events, the period of quarantine may be longer, in the following cases:

    • occurrence of rabies in quarantine; or
    • if the animal stays in the same room in which the other animal died during its stay in quarantine.

    The animal must be treated for tapeworms and ticks at least 24-48 hours prior to travel. The law also prescribes the type of transport container that may be used, and its size. It is also necessary that the copies of all documents should be placed into file and fastened to the top of the transport container. The passengers shall bear all costs arising from landing, transit or placing the animal in quarantine.

    Animals entering the UK from non-EU countries, after being isolated in quarantine, may be brought only via approved Border Inspection Posts (BIPs), and, for transport by air, such BIP are only airports Heathrow (LHR) and Gatwick (LGW). In case of illegal import, the owners shall be subject to a fine in the amount of GBP 2.000,00 and/or imprisonment, and illegally imported animals may be euthanized!!!!

    Regulations for import of dogs and cats in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland

    As for all other countries, the animal must be vaccinated against rabies, have micro-chip implanted and hold a passport. The animal may travel only after 21 to 30 days from the vaccination date, but it is not compulsory to perform blood testing to antibody titer. Your pet may travel only after 3 months of age. Also, 24-48 hours before entry into France, the animal must be treated for internal and external parasites by authorized veterinarian. It is prohibited to import dogs of certain breeds of bull and tosa into France. It is prohibited to bring dogs such as Pit bull, Stafford terrier and mixed breeds of similar dogs into Germany. Dogs such as American Stafford terrier and Rottweiler, i.e. potentially dangerous dogs, must wear a muzzle and be kept on leash. Prior to the travel, it is necessary to take the animal for examination by the veterinarian, who will, in case the animal is healthy and fit for travel, complete the required sections in its passport and endorse it by his/her signature and official stamp.

  • Transportation of Unregistered Baggage at Passenger Seat - CABIN BAGGAGE

    You can arrange in advance to transport fragile items, paintings, various appliances(crutches, walking canes), roll up, oxygen respirators or musical instruments on the passenger seat. Such baggage cannot weigh more than 75 kg, is not included in free baggage allowance and is subject to special charges.

    Baggage transported on passenger seat (CBBG) must fit within the seat dimensions. Maximum permitted dimensions for cello (in the box) are: 55x49x140 on Emraer and 50x42x150 on Fokker (F100). Maximum permitted dimensions for other CBBG are: 55x49x100 on E195 and 50x42x110 on F100.