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Check-in for your flight online from 48h up until 2h prior to the departure. Web check-in is currently available for flights departing from Podgorica and Tivat only.
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Today, Montenegro Airlines fleet consists of four modern airplanes, of which three are Embraer 195, one Fokker 100.

Planes in the Montenegro Airlines fleet are technologically on par with the best aircraft made anywhere in the world.

Montenegro Airlines aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems and sophisticated fault detection systems.

Montenegro Airlines aircraft are powered by Rolls-Royce and General Electric engines which comply with the strictest standards in the aviation business.

  • Embraer 195

    The Embrer 195 is the first new aircraft developed for regional commercial air transport in over 20 years. The engine system of the Embraer 195 type of aircraft incorporates a technology called FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control). The task of the FADEC computers is to provide the optimum use of engine operation, controlling the payload and fuel injections in all flying conditions, on the basis of the pilot's inputs. This advanced technology results in fuel savings and a longer lifespan of the engine.

    The Embraer 195 is propelled by two engines manufactured by the USA company General Electric Aviation. These are the latest models, proven to be very efficient , resistant and reliable in practice. Having a CF34-10 designation, they are specially designed to provide additional propulsion on longer flights. As such, they are intended for regional passenger airplanes.

    The Embraer 195 has a range of between 3,334 km (with the maximum number of passengers) and 4,074 km, which makes it suitable for conquering distant markets. The maximum operating speed of this airplane is 890 km/h, and its maximum cruising altitude is 12,500 m. The take off field length of the E-195 airplanes, with its maximum take off weight, is 2,044 m, while the landing field is 1,282 m. The maximum take off weight of this aircraft is exactly 50,790 kg.

    Wingspan 94ft 3in
    Length Overall 126ft 10in
    Height Overall 34ft 7in
    Horizontal Stabilizer Span 39ft 8in
    Fuselage Width 9ft 11in
    Fuselage Height 11ft 0in
    Cabin Length 92ft 5in
    Cabin Width 9ft 0in
    Cabin Height 6ft 7in
    Aisle Width 19.75in
    Seat Width 18.25in

    Montenegro Airlines - Embraer
    Montenegro Airlines - Embraer

  • Fokker 100

    Fokker 100 represents state of the art airplane technology. It is equipped with up to date navigation system, enabling automatic landing even under zero visibility. Sophisticated fault detection systems ensure higher reliability.

    Our Rolls Royce engines comply with the strictest noise criteria and enables us to fly to all world airports.

    Wing span 92 ft 1.4in
    Total lenght 116 ft 6.8 in
    Total height 27 ft 10.5 in
    Fuselage diameter 10 ft 9.92 in
    Wing area 1006.5 sq ft
    Max operating speed 320 kts CAS
    Max operating speed 0.77 M
    Max operating altitude 35,000 ft
    Max zero fuel weight 79,000 lb
    Max take-off weight 95,000 lb
    Max landing weight 85,500 lb

    Montenegro Airlines - Fokker
    Montenegro Airlines - Fokker