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Return tickets for only EUR50 to Belgrade and Ljubljana and EUR100 for other destinations in the winter period

If you buy tickets until July 31st, and if you travel to any destination that we operate to, you'll have a possibility to buy a return ticket in winter season for only €50 to Belgrade and Ljubljana or €100 for other destinations..

If you present a ticket that meet aforementioned terms, you can buy return ticket to Belgrade and Ljubljana for €50, and you can choose any of our European destinations for only€100, during the winter season (from 10/25/2020 to 03/27/2021).

Additionally, all passengers who buy a ticket in theabove mentioned period, regardless of the travel date, tickets can be changed for free until the end of this year.*

Plan your winter travel now and save money!

  • Belgrade, Ljubljana: €50
  • Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Vienna, Moscow: €100

Have a nice flight!

*If the original ticket tariff is not available, the difference will be charged to the first available one.